Every two months Female Wave of Change globally works on a specific theme. September 2018 was our Human Rights month. At local events organized by the country Ambassadors and their Wavemakers in New York, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Beirut, women came together to discuss different issues related to Human Rights. At these events inspiring speakers and expert panelists were invited to share their knowledge and experience. In global online events, speakers joined from all over the world to discuss Human Rights issues both at a global and local level.

At the end of each event the participants were invited to share how they thought Female Wave of Change could contribute, to make this world a better place specifically looking from the Human Rights perspective. Out of all the suggestions, Female Wave of Change defined an official statement how we believe we can actively contribute and come with a Call to Action to work together in Mastermind groups with women from different parts of the world.

Overall we have experienced in all these events, that Human Rights, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948, are being violated at a bigger or larger scale all over the world. The rights of women and children are intertwined and women and children are often the victims of these violations.

Working with the mothers, the women, has priority for Female Wave of Change.

“If you ask women in the world what they feel is most important right now for their families or communities, many of them would reply that it would be a safe place to live, a roof over their head, food on the table and education for their children.”

Re-humanize Society to create a Safe Environment, to Stop War, Discrimination and Violence against Women and Children.

To really transform the world into a place where Human Rights are respected we have to re-humanize, to change the mindset, the attitude, the thinking, the behavior of people, shift the level of consciousness and instill feminine values. Share stories of hope, of healing and of love. We have to be aware that we are in this together, that everyone should take responsibility and take others on this journey: No one should be left behind!

To create positive change; we have to work together and use our human values. We believe that by using our feminine values and feminine energy we can be the change.

Instead of seeing our differences as an issue, we should embrace diversity. We can show that we care by taking the responsibility to use platforms and networks and by volunteering at all different levels.

Stimulate Economic and Social Empowerment to fight Poverty, to become Independent, and end Violence against Women and Children.

More awareness and awakening has to be created about the Human Rights. Women have to be educated and learn how to claim their rights. It is very important to be engaged in changing the political structure and lawmaking, to be part of the decision-making process, part of the system. Run for politics and vote! More women in politics means more women and child friendly policies. “If you are not at the table, you are on the menu.”

A lot of issues concerning violence against women and girls find its root in financial dependence of women. Economic empowerment of women and create ways to become financial independent is very important. Create small businesses, give access to banks, to funding, micro finance, create work opportunities, learn from best practices and mentoring programs could support women of all walks of life. Although women need to develop a vision, it is great to start working on a local level to see immediate change. Having access to the Internet is very important, be connected with women anywhere in the world, learn from and with each other and have access to information (Languages!).

Prepare Women to Lead by Leadership/Personal Development and Education.

There is a his-story but women have the power to change the script.

To be able to contribute to a real transformation process, women should be aware that they can be the change, the change agents, the catalysts, the wavemakers, that they can be part of the solution, that they can rise above their challenges and create their own future, of their communities and the world.

Women need the conviction that there is a brighter future, they need to believe, to build confidence, they need hope, the will to live and the zest to be alive. They need to feel safe to just do it, that they can try, fail and do it again. Access to education is the strength and power of every nation. Healing the wounds of the past, personal growth and development of leadership skills will give them the strength to speak up, to have their voices heard at all levels in society and lift each other up. Women should join hands at all levels (local – global), build that network, unite and really connect. Let each other know that they all matter, that no one is left behind. Women need to Pay it Forward: Be the student and be willing to be the teacher, the role models, women eager to uplift each other and grow together.

The world we are creating is our legacy to the next generation: the next generation has to be involved. Human Rights are cool!

Involve Men who embrace The Feminine Values and Energy.

Because it’s not only a women’s story; we need both women and men to make the transformation that we seek. To be able to create a safe environment for women and give them the opportunity to develop themselves, to be able to grow into the leaders they can be, be respected for who they are, men need to be involved at all levels. Women need to want to collaborate with men who support equality and the human rights at all levels and every corner of society. Men, who respect women for who they are and who they can become. Fathers, who stimulate their daughters to be the change makers, the catalysts, the leaders. Husbands, who respect their partners as equals and motivate them to be the person they can be in building the future. Sons, who treat their mothers and sisters with respect and defend their freedom of choice, of stepping into their leadership. Colleagues, politicians, corporate leaders who uplift women in their everyday work. Men who stop being silent and use their voice. Men who are aware they are part of the problem when they as bystanders do not speak up for women. Parents and educational systems need to take responsibility to shape the next generation to embrace the feminine values. Young children need role models who take responsibility to live by the rights of women and children.

How can Female Wave of Change contribute?

Stories have the power to change lives: they heal, inspire action, they make us discover those hidden treasures, create new stories and change history.

Share stories of women. Real life stories of success, of failure, of hope, of heart ship, etc. Share stories online and at local events, interviews, Facebook live, YouTube and collect stories in a Female Wave of Change book.

“Women Leading in Change, a Female Wave of Change Transformation Journey” will start in January 2019 with an online leadership program to guide women to awaken the leader in them and prepare women to lead the change, creating a better world.

In the second half of 2019 a light version of this program will be available to be used locally in all parts of the world.

More men will be invited to join Female Wave of Change to support women worldwide.

Every two months Female Wave of Change will work online and local, on different themes. Many of these themes will deal with Human Rights issues.

Call To Action

Female Wave of Change invites women from all over the world, of all age groups and from all walks of life, to join us in online Mastermind groups and take the next step on different issues concerning:

  • Re-humanize Society to create a Safe Environment, to Stop War, Discrimination and Violence against Women and Children.
  • Stimulate Economic and Social Empowerment to fight Poverty, to become Independent, and end Violence against Women and Children.
  • Prepare Women to Lead by Leadership/Personal Development and Education.
  • Involve Men who embrace The Feminine Values and Energy.

Do contact us if you want to join in our Mastermind Groups: info@femalewaveofchange.com