Values we live by:

Humanity is the Core

FWOC believes that humanity should be at the core of all our decision-making and actions.

Embrace Diversity

FWOC welcomes women and men from all walks of life and from all over the world, no matter their cultural background, gender, color of their skin, sexual preference, age, economic situation, religion or their educational background. We embrace diversity as an opportunity to open our minds to new perspectives; the more diverse the community, the richer the conversation. We offer each one a safe space to be their unique self, to be treated with respect and without judgement.

Inclusive Society

FWOC contributes to help build an inclusive society where everyone has equal chances and opportunities to learn, to grow and to develop their talents as an individual and as an Authentic Feminine Leader. We strive for a true sense of belonging and reject biases or discrimination in any form or for any reason.

Stimulate Compassion

FWOC stimulates compassion by opening up to the challenges others are facing and act on it with empathy, patience, kindness, warmth and wisdom. We intend to show each person that they matter, that we see them, we value and recognize them.

Open your Heart

FWOC believes that by connecting on a heart level, by creating that sense of belonging, we will reshape the future, build a more humane society and create a better world for all.

Social Responsibility

FWOC stimulates women to be pro-active, to take responsibility for their own future, the future of their family, the community and of the world. We are aware that we are the keepers of the planet that belongs, at least, to the next seven generations and are creating a legacy to be proud of.

Sustainable Living

FWOC intends to improve the quality of human life while living within the caring capacity of the earth's supporting ecosystems. We want to ensure that future generations have the natural resources available to live a healthy and happy live.


FWOC offers an environment where women start dreaming again, to live a meaningful and peaceful life and think in abundance and prosperity for all.

Lifelong Learning

FWOC stimulates women to live a life based on a constant need to learn, un-learn and re-learn. We offer an environment in which everyone has an opportunity to reinvent themselves, to grow into their unique self, to experiment, to fail, to reflect and to recreate. We believe we are all lifelong students and at the same time we are the teachers, the mentors, and the coaches to guide others on their transformation process.

Healthy lifestyle

FWOC stimulates women to be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit to be the change, to live a healthy lifestyle and to practice selfcare.

Reshape the Future

FWOC offers an environment where we do not fight the old but create the new. We intend to reshape the future and stimulate a mindset of creation and innovation.

Your Story Matters

FWOC creates awareness that stories matter and need to be shared to heal and inspire self and others.

Financial Independence

FWOC believes that financial independence and economic empowerment is essential for every woman; this will contribute to solutions for many global challenges. We stimulate social entrepreneurship to create sustainable income streams and jobs.