“Female Wave of Change is always focused on the next step, on the action to be taken” – Annalie Killian

Mark your Calendars!

To really be able to create that movement that changes the world into a better place, Female Wave of Change focuses more and more on specific themes in all our events.

Every months we will focus on one of these themes. There will be Global Online Events with expert speakers sharing knowledge and experience, storytelling, dialogue sessions and so much more. The local country organizations will organize Local Events where women come together and focus on certain topics within the theme, that are of importance for their area.

If you want to contribute to a specific theme, please get in touch!

If Female Wave of Change is not yet represented in your country, but you want to get a group of women together, please get in touch!


Calender 2020

The Female Wave of Change online program Women Leading in Change is now available for the country organizations to launch!

This fantastic transformation journey can now be offered to women in rural and remote areas where empowerment of women is very important.

We will have an online launch party so make sure you join us!

We as Female Wave of Change believe that Authentic Feminine Leadership is the way to move forward if we want to create a better more sustainable world for everyone. We want to Reshape the Future and our new education program will guide women to be those changemakers we so desperately need right now. 

A five module program “Reshape the Futere”, with teachers and participants from all over the world, will belaunched in February 2020.


2020 is a pivotal year for the accelerated realization of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. 

On March 8 International Women’s Day, Female Wave of Change will join the worldwide focus on #EachforEqual with local and online events

We intend to be represented at the “UN Commission on the Status of Women” in New York from March 9 til 20

We want to showcase those female role models with all kinds of different backgrounds and at all different levels of society!

We will be organizing online events with great speakers and of course local events in the countries.

Are you that role model or do you want to nominate this woman or men doing amazing things for their community, nation or the world…please get in touch!


In April 2020 we intend to be represented at the “Women in the World Summit” in New York! Looking forward to see you there

Health and Wellbeing can be presented in many different ways and we will do so: Self Care, Mental Health, Nutrition, Community Building, Exercise, and so much more

Do get in touch if you want to contribute to this important topic!

In May 2020 we intend to be represented at the Generation Equality Forum Kick Off in Mexico City. Looking forward to meet you there!

Story telling is empowering, healing, inspiring and so much more. We have to share our stories of hope, of resilience, of knowledge, wisdom and experience.

It is part of our Strategic Plan 2020 – 2021 to publish a Female Wave of Change book with stories of our community and to launch a channel with video of women sharing their stories.

Join us this month and share your story!



Female Wave of Change intends to to represented at the “Generation Equality Forum” in Paris from 7 til 10 July

In addition to that we will have our online and local events, on this topic!


Different ideas how to create a sustainable environment will be discussed in online and local events

The focus in the month of September will be on World Peace. What does it take? How can we contribute? 

In September 2020 our Global Team members will meet during a special event, somewhere in the world.

A get together with Ambassadors, Wavemakers, members of the Circle of Wise Women etc to develop the strategy for the year s to come: how can we create even more tangible results and are we on our way to Reshape the Future?


Female Wave of Change Youth Council will host a Youth Forum.