Authentic Feminine Leader Workbook

Unleashing Your Potential As An Authentic Feminine Leader

Time For Change: Authentic Leadership Toolkit

In this world where we are facing many challenges, we believe that Authentic Feminine Leaders can drive change; women and men who live by the more feminine values, use their feminine qualities and their feminine energy.

This workbook is one of our instruments to reach more people and guide them on their transformation journey. Not a scientific document, but a workbook filled with tools to start on a journey to being the best you can be. A workbook for you that will be filled with your notes, your challenges, your story, your purpose and your intentions.

It will be a work in progress; you will evolve over the years, the world is changing and so will the content of your workbook.
The exercises, the QR-codes linking to online mindfulness sessions and the podcast series will support you on your journey. Topics you will work on are authenticity, vulnerability, empathy and compassion, intuition and gut feeling, storytelling, self-care, your bigger purpose, resilience and embracing diversity.

The content of this workbook is based on 7 years of Female Wave of Change projects, on the experience in our Women Leading in Change Program and on the 21 podcasts we have made in the first half of 2023. Wisdom shared by women from all over the globe, from all walks of life, all cultures, ages, education, and professional backgrounds.

Hear what one of our Circle of Wisdom members, Mom Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame has to say about this workbook.