Health Team

Continuing to build health and harmony in critical times

FWoC espouses rewriting the way we look at health and especially at how we value and understand basic self-care. 

With burnout and anxiety on the rise and lockdown threatening an increase of mental health by 15%,  enriching ways we meet our basic needs becomes pivotal to manage change. 

The health team of FWoC did exactly that with themed webinar training on the various ways we can bring ourselves into a strong alignment with our optimal health and wellbeing. 

Similarly, the recent times  have revealed the need to strengthen self-discipline, which can help us manage these unprecedented challenges our personal lives and businesses are now facing. 

We dream to not only stay afloat in tough times but continue our mission to develop and support local and global leaders to build health and harmony in critical times. Onwards and upwards we serve to help communities at large to move beyond these critical times into ones where our planet again thrives.

Meet our Health Team:

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Dr Lumka Maneli
Mohit Kanade
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Paola Devescovi
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Helen Argyrou
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Dr Celina Pina
Hiba Tarazi
Hiba Tarazi

“ Health pillar envisions physically, mentally and spiritually healthy leaders, individuals, families and communities to ensure sustainable efforts towards a better world for all”