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    Human Rights Statement

    Official Statement Female Wave of Change on Human Rights Every two months Female Wave of Change globally works on a specific theme. September 2018 was our Human Rights month. At local events organized by the country Ambassadors and their Wavemakers in New York, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Beirut, women came together to discuss different issues related to Human Rights. At these events inspiring speakers and expert panelists were invited to share their knowledge and experience. In global online events, speakers joined from all over the world to discuss Human Rights issues both at a global and local level. At the end of each event the participants were invited to share how…

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    The Power of Everyone

    By Pieter Grimbergen, member of the Female Wave of Change Circle of Wise Women Looking at the TED Talk of Valarie Kaur ‘Three lessons of revolutionary Love in a time of Rage’ I realized watching something special. And as Valarie Kaur speaks of the power of women I also realize that there is a difference between the power of women and the power of men. Not meant as a qualification, but as an observation. But what exactly is that difference. And how can it be defined…can it be defined? As a man, gay, hard working, trying to live to my values as much as I can, trying to give the…