Environment Team

Co-creating a sustainable way of being and living

There’s one Earth, one home, and we are the ones who are responsible for taking care of resources and Earth as a whole for current and future generations. 

We can do that by taking into account and into our care a treasure of diverse, healthy, safe and prosperous 7.8 billion home-mates; a treasure of co-living with animals and plants; and a treasure of natural resources: water, air, soil, forests, minerals, while enjoying and benefiting from it all.

Our Environment Pillar Team focuses activities on

  • raising awareness about environment and a sustainable way of living;
  • inspiring and empowering individuals and communities for a sustainable way of living, creating and doing business;
  • contributing to restore our Earth.

Be a part of a solution, and not a problem. Join us, and contribute your part. Let’s create a sustainable way of being, living and co-creating.

Meet our Environment Team:

image1 (2)
Tanja Bogataj
image4 (3)
Danica Badovinac
image2 (2)
Marxine Waite
image3 (2)
Sian Williams