Financial independence and stability

FWOC believes that financial independence and economic empowerment is essential for everyone; this will contribute to solutions for many challenges at personal, family, community, and even global level. 


Let us redefine “Success” and bring it back to a human level, to wellbeing, health, happiness, purpose, and social impact.  Instead of having a society that competes against each other, let us empower and support each other. Let us interact with compassion and curiosity instead of judgement.  Let us see the value in each person.  

Let us create new opportunities together; opportunities that offer women and men alike financial independence, opportunities based on a positive impact on society, a positive impact on the environment and that provide people with the necessary resources. 

Let us encourage everyone to value and pursue their dreams regardless of their background or their current situation. Let us create extra support for women and people of color to grow in their leadership, to become successful entrepreneurs and to start much needed community projects. 

Let us allocate funding to provide extra support where needed to create a new economy that values every person, the environment, and the planet as a whole.

Meet our Economics Team:

Team Leader: Patty Washington
Ingun Bol
Grace Abia
Gladys Shumbambiri
Nilani Seneviratne