Our Vision

Female Wave of Change was officially founded in January 2017 in the Netherlands because we wanted to organize one conference in September of that year to create awareness that we live in a world of change, exponential change. We also realized that the world we live in is not a world we are proud to leave to the next generation. We wanted women to be prepared and we wanted them to take responsibility; The responsibility to re-direct change and to create a better world for each and everyone. We strongly believed already at that moment in time that we need to use our feminine values and our feminine energy. Authentic Feminine Leadership is the way to move forward to create a better, more connected, more conscious, and more sustainable world for all; to build a legacy we can be proud of!

Little did we know at that time that it was going to be so much bigger than this one conference: Within no time we built a huge international movement and more and more women from all over the world joined us. By the end of 2017, Female Wave of Change was represented in almost 25 countries and growing. Women were connecting online and offline, sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom, and creating new opportunities together.

Now Female Wave of Change is represented in over 40 countries and has a growing network of Ambassadors, Wavemakers, a Circle of Wise Women, a fantastic group of volunteers (our Inner Circle) and many women all over the globe who visit our local events or join us online.

Our belief that we need more Authentic Feminine Leaders to drive change, made us focus on education. Our successful online program “Women Leading in Change; a Female Wave of Change Transformation Journey” has already guided women from all over the world and all walks of life. It is amazing to experience what women are able to do after they have gone through the program. 

In the coming years “Women Leading in Change” will also be offered as a local program especially for women in rural or remote areas who are not able to join us online. Our online education program will be expanded to support women all over the world to acquire the knowledge and skills to be the leaders we need right now. 

The worldwide pandemic in 2020 and 2021 made us decide to move our activities as much as possible online to support women, families, and communities all over the world. But the pandemic also made us more aware that we were going to Reshape the Future: A message we officially shared with global leaders, global decision makers and with the global citizens.

Because of the pandemic we had to take our annual Global Conference online. After the fantastic conference we had in 2019 in South Africa, it was disappointing we were not able to meet everyone in person, but by taking the conference online we were able to reach out to more people globally, and we did!

Since we are aware we have to focus on the future and that we need to think global but act local, for the rest of 2021, and the years to come, there will be more focus on the local impact, on action, and on specific themes; we will unite and collaborate to change the status quo and to create waves of change around the world. 

We will continue to work on the 5 pillars, Humanity, Health, Education, Environment and Economy.

We will focus on creating that safe place where we can support women to be economically empowered and grow into the changemakers who Reshape the Future. 

Our purpose is huge and our plans are big!

If we really want to make change happen, we need your commitment, we need to be able to reach out to as many women worldwide as possible. You are our eyes and ears, our heart and our spirit, our hands and our feet in all the different areas in the world!

We have to Reshape the Future the feminine way: Together!

July 2021

Female Wave of Change Board


Global Conference 2023 Statement and Call To Action

Female Wave of Change (FWOC) is a global movement with a clear mission that intends to create a better world for all; a more connected, more conscious, more sustainable, and more humane world. We believe that we can reshape the future by using our feminine values and feminine energy. By guiding women from all walks of life to step into their Authentic Feminine Leadership we will be able to lead positive and sustainable change and create a legacy to be proud of for generations to come.

On September 15 and 16, 2023 women and men from over 20 countries gathered in Noordwijk, The Netherlands and online to focus together on our theme:


Authentic Feminine Leaders Creating Circles of Change
Inspiration, Inclusion, Innovation: Acting Together for a Better Future!


Lead by the FWOC Circles of Change, participants connected on a heart level by sharing personal stories of their challenges, of hope, healing, and growth.
Over twenty-five speakers and moderators worked hard together to inspire, and present nuggets of wisdom that would invite the participants to think and move into deep conversations.
The safe space that was offered, gave participants the opportunity to share their burning issues, and together we wondered if we are able the challenge the status quo: are we enough to bring change? Are we as individuals ready to move forward as authentic feminine leaders and take the next steps to bring positive and lasting change for ourselves, our businesses, the community or even at global level.


We are enough: I am enough!


The atmosphere in the room was intensified by wonderful entertainment, the early morning yoga-at-the-beach, the leadership award dinner and of course the stories of our 5 award recipients. As FWOC we were overwhelmed with the feeling of connectedness, the flow of energy, the inspiration and emotions from participants and speakers, and in the end the beautiful intentions presented by all the participants. Personal intentions that were shared in the room and on paper: their next steps forward.

As FWOC organization we not only inspired and made our participants think and evolve, but most of all we listened. Those who joined us in the room and online, represented many women and men all over the world who can, want to and need to bring positive and sustainable change. People who are all facing their own challenges and must take that next step. How can we as global movement support them in all our activities? How can we lead change?
We have translated that into the FWOC intentions and call to actions; you will be able to find those in the attachments.

We are looking forward to a year with a lot of intentions coming to live on a personal and organizational level. We are looking forward to meet again in 2024 for our 6th FWOC Global Conference that will be held on September 13 and 14 in Geneva Switzerland.

Love to see you in next year in Geneva!

The FWOC Board and the FWOC 2023 Conference team


Global Conference 2023 Intentions and Call To Action

Grow as Authentic Feminine Leaders
  • Our FWOC programWomen Leading in Change’ (WLIC) guides women on their transformation journey. It guides women to dive deep into who they are, to heal and to move forward. During the conference it was mentioned several times that it is very important to heal ourselves first before we can heal others. We will explore how we can incorporate this even more into WLIC or need to offer an extra program to support women worldwide.
  • The FWOC Workbook ‘Unleashing Your Potential as an Authentic Feminine Leader’ the authentic leadership toolkit, launched at the conference, will contribute to take first steps to become that Authentic Feminine Leader. Stories, quotes, links to podcasts and mindfulness sessions, and exercises, inspire, make people think and motivate to start writing their own story. We will take action to spread this toolkit around the world, and guide even more women and men to step into their authentic leadership. This workbook will be the first of a series of very practical ways to grow. Already this year we will announce the workbook created by our team of health professionals.
Expand and Intensify our FWOC Community
  • Community building was mentioned several times at the conference; intensify the feeling of
    connectedness of support, of having that safe place to come back to, to give support and ask for
    help. We intend to expand the FWOC Directory, launched in 2022, and really offer our members an
    environment that is safe, and alive, a space where we meet, inspire, support and create.
  • The ‘FWOC Circles of Change’ have finally come alive at the 2023 conference. After several years of
    exploring the right format to bring women together, to offer a safe space and dive into much needed
    conversations, we personally experienced the power of the Circles. We intend to launch the ‘FWOC
    Circles of Change’ with very practical guidelines asap to be used locally or even in groups online.
    These Circles will intensify the feeling of connectedness and the awareness of being part of
    something bigger.
Inspire, Include, and Innovate
  • We intend to intensify collaboration with the members of our FWOC Circle of Wisdom, to be able to focus more on special topics that are causing huge challenges for women and families around the world. Our health team is already in place and doing great work. We will identify new topics, bring together experts from our own organization and beyond, and take action to bring actual change the feminine way.
  • We have the intention to expand our activities on our podcast series, webinars and online and global events. We will invite women from all walks of life and all over the world to share their stories of hope and inspiration. We intend to learn from and collaborate with different organizations on local and global level so that we can together create solutions for challenges we are facing.
  • We intend to close partnerships with global organizations whose vision and actions are aligned with our own. We will also seek collaboration with male alleys who believe that the world needs a new leadership style that is more holistic and humane.
  • To be able to work on our mission and make positive and sustainable change happen on the long run, we intend to reconsider our current business model and explore new ways of funding our activities.