Our Vision

Female Wave of Change was officially founded in January 2017 in the Netherlands because we wanted to organize one conference in September of that year to create awareness that we live in a world of change, exponential change. We also realized that the world we live in is not a world we are proud to leave to the next generation. We wanted women to be prepared and we wanted them to take responsibility; The responsibility to re-direct change and to create a better world for each and everyone. We strongly believed already at that moment in time that we need to use our feminine values and our feminine energy. Authentic Feminine Leadership is the way to move forward to create a better, more connected, more conscious, and more sustainable world for all; to build a legacy we can be proud of!

Little did we know at that time that it was going to be so much bigger than this one conference: Within no time we built a huge international movement and more and more women from all over the world joined us. By the end of 2017, Female Wave of Change was represented in almost 25 countries and growing. Women were connecting online and offline, sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom, and creating new opportunities together.

Now Female Wave of Change is represented in over 40 countries and has a growing network of Ambassadors, Wavemakers, a Circle of Wise Women, a fantastic group of volunteers (our Inner Circle) and many women all over the globe who visit our local events or join us online.

Our belief that we need more Authentic Feminine Leaders to drive change, made us focus on education. Our successful online program “Women Leading in Change; a Female Wave of Change Transformation Journey” has already guided women from all over the world and all walks of life. It is amazing to experience what women are able to do after they have gone through the program. 

In the coming years “Women Leading in Change” will also be offered as a local program especially for women in rural or remote areas who are not able to join us online. Our online education program will be expanded to support women all over the world to acquire the knowledge and skills to be the leaders we need right now. 

The worldwide pandemic in 2020 and 2021 made us decide to move our activities as much as possible online to support women, families, and communities all over the world. But the pandemic also made us more aware that we were going to Reshape the Future: A message we officially shared with global leaders, global decision makers and with the global citizens.

Because of the pandemic we had to take our annual Global Conference online. After the fantastic conference we had in 2019 in South Africa, it was disappointing we were not able to meet everyone in person, but by taking the conference online we were able to reach out to more people globally, and we did!

Since we are aware we have to focus on the future and that we need to think global but act local, for the rest of 2021, and the years to come, there will be more focus on the local impact, on action, and on specific themes; we will unite and collaborate to change the status quo and to create waves of change around the world. 

We will continue to work on the 5 pillars, Humanity, Health, Education, Environment and Economy.

We will focus on creating that safe place where we can support women to be economically empowered and grow into the changemakers who Reshape the Future. 

Our purpose is huge and our plans are big!

If we really want to make change happen, we need your commitment, we need to be able to reach out to as many women worldwide as possible. You are our eyes and ears, our heart and our spirit, our hands and our feet in all the different areas in the world!

We have to Reshape the Future the feminine way: Together!

July 2021

Female Wave of Change Board