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Thich Nhat Hanh, famous Peace activist, Zen monk, Poet and Writer, says: the next Buddha may be a community. A community practicing understanding, loving kindness and mindful living. That is what we are doing!
Daniel Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry, founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA and educator speaks about MWE: moving from me only, to WE. That is exactly what we are aiming for!

We are all 99.5% genetically alike; our similarities are so much greater than any differences; it is a scientific fact. And yet, many people disproportionately experience injustices and prejudice that can put their lives on completely different trajectories. FWOC-NL is about participation in creating a more sustainable life for all of us and future generations.

FWOC-NL’s orientation is National and International. We welcome people from all walks of life. By celebrating our unique differences and our shared genome we cultivate an inclusive environment in heart and mind. Moving from “I to us” we share values and offer support. We develop “Authentic Connections”, which means that we communicate and listen from a place of awareness and engage with generosity. We explore using and building diversity, equity and inclusion in every relation and community interaction. We use our relationships to build diverse, equitable and inclusive communities.

When each of us feels empowered to be our authentic selves, we create a highly energized environment which leverages diverse creative perspectives. Diverse perspectives and an inclusive culture support a highly energized environment and community. We are inspired to live this ideal in our communities.

From our individual uniqueness, responsibility and ability, our insights, experiences and knowledge ripples out into the world. We hold ourselves accountable, while also rallying others to take action and be part of shaping a better future. Collaboration with communities, organizations and institutions to further our efforts will be among the actions we are aiming for. These coalitions are to advance diversity and inclusion within society, workplaces, communities and families.

Creating a more inclusive community is a lifelong journey that will require continuous input and feedback. Joining us will give you a chance to collaborate and us an opportunity to learn from you! So that we can all build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities. For change to happen, each of us counts!

The pledge centers include:

  • Our essence is love. Love is our birthright.

  • Healing and transformation are possible.

  • Cultivating a safe space for meaningful, and sometimes difficult, conversations

  • Everyone and everything is interconnected.

  • SkillfulMeans. We share wisdom in stories and practices.

We invite you to join us if you feel inspired. We also hope to encourage other people and organizations to make similar moves toward creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive places.

Margreeth van der Oord Ambassador FWOC-NL

Team of Ambassadors/ Wavemakers

Margreeth van der Oord
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Stef Heijnen - Bakker
Cecil Dorlas
Eldina Sonnenholzner
Marina Grechko
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