“Female Wave of Change creates a space of unconditional acceptance” – Bonnie Fatio

Female Wave of Change was founded in January 2017. We are very much aware that we live in a world of change and that the speed of change is exponential. We also realized that the world we live in is not a world we are proud to leave to the next generation. We believe that if we want to re-direct change and to create a better world for each and every one, we need to use our feminine values and our feminine energy: Authentic Feminine Leadership is the way to move forward to create a better and more sustainable world for all. To build a legacy we can be proud of!

Although the first intention was to organize a single event in The Netherlands in September 2017, it turned out to be so much more. Within no time we built a huge international movement and more and more women from all over the world connected. By the end of 2017 Female Wave of Change was represented in almost 25 countries and growing. Women were connecting online and offline, sharing knowledge and experience and creating new opportunities together.

Now Female Wave of Change is represented in over 35 countries and has a growing network of Ambassadors, Wavemakers, a Circle of Wise Women, a fantastic group of volunteers (our Inner Circle) and many women all over the globe who visit our local events or join us online.

Mid 2018 we decided to go back to the drawing board together with Ambassadors and members of the Circle of Wise Women, to prepare the foundation for structural growth: becoming more transparent, efficient, effective and empowering.
The most important result was a more in-depth definition of our purpose, more focus on content, on education, on a more formal business model and a strategic framework of FWoC global and local activities.

Right now all our plans for the coming years are part of our Strategic Plan 2020 – 2021. The plan is a result of the foundation we have built since January 2017 up until The Global Conference in South Africa in September 2019 and all the plans we have towards the future.
Female Wave of Change is an organization that operates in a world of change. Therefor plans made today will be monitored closely in the next 2 years to see if we are still on track for the future

Right now, we are already in the middle of developing and implementing different projects which will be described in this Strategic Plan.

During the Global Conference in South Africa in September 2019, it was confirmed that we are on the right track with many of our activities. We added a Call to Action resulting from the conference.

For 2020 – 2021 there will be even more focus on action, focus on specific themes, we will continue to unite and collaborate to change the status quo, create waves and change the world. We are focusing on creating that safe place where we can support women to be economically empowered and grow into the change-makers who Reshape the Future. Of course we focus on international expansion, on local activities, on education and building a strong legal and financial foundation under our organization.

Our purpose is huge and our plans are big!

If we really want to make change happen, we need your commitment, we need to be able to reach out to as many women worldwide as possible. You are our eyes & ears, our heart & our spirit, our hands & our feet in all the different areas in the world!

We have to do it the feminine way: Together!

Board Female Wave of Change, January 2020

Female Wave of Change Values

FWoC celebrates a very diverse group of women where each and every woman can be their authentic self and is treated with respect.
FWoC offers an equal chance to women of all walks of life, to develop their talents as an individual, as an entrepreneur and as a leader.
FWoC stimulates women to be pro-active, to take responsibility for their own future and become the change.
FWoC offers an environment where women start dreaming again and have the courage to dream big.
FWoC stimulates women to take action and really make it happen. There will be freedom to experiment, to fail, to reflect and re-create.
FWoC contributes to create WIN-ning together situations, where women work together becoming happy and successful by making others happy and successful.
FWoC stimulates compassion: we have to see and feel the challenges others are facing. Act with empathy, patience, kindness, warmth and wisdom: act from our heart.
FWoC believes that by connecting, reaching out on a heart to heart level, by creating that sense of belonging, we will act in a more feminine or human way.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development 2030

Female Wave of Change embraces the Global Goals for Sustainable Development 2030 and will in all her activities contribute to create a better and more sustainable world for everyone.