Reshape The Future

Women Leading in Change

Women Leading in Change is an online transformation journey developed based on the values upheld by the purpose, mission and vision of Female Wave of Change to create a better more sustainable world, and will guide women to step into their Authentic Feminine Leadership and lead change.

This program is created by our own Female Wave of Change Ambassadors and members of the Circle of Wise Women to empower women, to become the changemakers of the future. They will learn to be agents of change by building on their inner strength, talent and capabilities.

This program is focused on a deep inward journey,  we will guide you into a new perception on the future, discovering new opportunities and show you the way you can grow as a leader who drives change with a positive impact.

Profile of the Female Wave of Change Leader and Changemaker

Before we created the content we defined the profile of the Female Wave of Change Leader and Changemaker. Who is the woman who can drive change at all levels of society? Who is the woman who can be the leader in a changing world? 
Please have a look at the profile by clicking here.

Why Women Leading in Change?

  • International very diverse group of max. 15 participants, each with her own reason to be willing to step into her leadership: women from all over the world and all walks of life
  • Teachers from our own Female Wave of Change Community: Inspiring women from all over the world
  • 12 weekly online sessions of 90 minutes on Wednesday’s (recordings available after the session)
  • Weekly homework before the sessions
  • Your own personal journal
  • Online safe space to meet the other participants and teachers in between sessions
  • Online classroom
  • Finish with your own personal plan
  • Investment  195,00 euro incl. VAT

Program Women Leading in Change

Teacher: Renée van der Burg and Ingun Bol de Bock, Netherlands

This session will set the safe space for the program, participants will get to know each other and will discuss the profile of a true Change Maker!

This first session lies the essential groundwork for the program: the transformational journey begins right here, right now!

Teachers Saskia Harkema, Netherlands and mom Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame, SA

The session inspires participants to know the story behind their respective journeys and identify the catalyst that got them to where they are today. The goal is to awaken the inner power, realize their strength and harness courage to face challenges in life and lead the change in their lives. The session is important because it provides tools and skills to build on gifts and talents that have an everlasting effect and can be passed on to the next generation.When we know what we value we make informed decisions and choices

In this session you will learn methods of unearthing the deeper crevices that lead to knowing yourself better in order to develop and grow your gifts and talents. It will also assist with identifying areas of weakness that need to be developed so as to be a well rounded individual. It will equip participants with tools to help identify opportunities and threats as well as inspire them to take action and lead the change they desire.

Teacher: Nienke van Bezooijen, Netherlands

In order to understand what you can do to reshape the future you must understand how you are functioning in the three ecologies in your life: with yourself, others and the world.

In this session you will be guided through the three areas in your life and align them with you so you can move on from aligned flow in whatever you do.

Teacher Dr. Bindu Babu, I-MD, PHD, USA

Positive Mindset & Self Empowerment is the key to success.

With this session you will gain valuable insights and tools necessary in modifying your perceptions and reprograming your mindset towards positive thinking & self empowerment.

Teacher Ingun Bol

Brené Brown has been doing a lot of research on Confidence, Courage and Vulnerability as aspects often associated with Authentic Feminine Leadership. 

In this session we will talk about the aspects of leadership and how and when to use it. We will talk about examples and role models and of course if you see yourself as confident, courageous or vulnerable.

Teacher Celina Belmarce Piña

This session will explore our inner culture and the impacts and influences contributed to our character development formed by past life experiences and exposures which may have embellished or simplified the paths to our authenticity. In our overall development, many strengths and weaknesses evolve. There are traits and characteristic that we acquire based on the values, culture, heredity, environment, exposures, and experiences that were set in front of us, which often influence and shape our perceptions on life. Many times, what was learned, observed and achieved in our youth will impact how we respond throughout our life’s journey.

In this session, we will utilize various tools in seeking a deeper understanding of the facets of our life’s journey through exploring the mysteries of our authentic self. We will examine the fragmentations and those sometimes small and complicated emotional transitions that block, stop and many times flat line our successes. We will unlock, unveil and unleash those complexities and find the strengths of our best kept secret gifts.

Teacher: Bonnie Fatio-Pollock, Switserland/USA

During Women Leading in Change, you will discover much about yourself as you uncover each layer of the unique person you are.The purpose of this session is to step back and gain a perspective of what that actually represents. In this group mentoring session, you will be able to reframe what you have learned and what your uniqueness & authentic leadership can bring to others.

When women come together, magic happens. If we truly want to reshape the world, it will happen through women working together as leaders for the common good.

Teacher: Nawal Tarazi, Switzerland/Jordan

The purpose of the session is to show the strong influence of women in business. However big or small the business woman are involved in, it will influence her personality and accordingly will be able to influence others.

Basics of business and management thinking, risk taking and how to act. 

Teacher: Renée van der Burg

Do you really know your core qualities? Do you know what impact those core qualities have on others? Who are the people you love to work with and why not so with others? How does understanding your core qualities better help to understand certain behavior?

This session will deepen your understanding of the work you did with the tree of life, specifically your talents. You will understand your qualities better, recognize their impact on others, and put these qualities into a broader perspective.

Each participant will discover that her core qualities also brings along pitfalls, challenges and allergies and with that, help herself to communicate with and understand others better.

Teachers: Yvonne Kgame, South Africa  and Tanja Bogataj, Slovenia

The first and most important relationship we have, is the one we have with ourselves. 

The intention of the sessions is to challenge your existing beliefs, explore other ways of seeing the world and how we can incorporate and embed our knowledge into new habits and a way of BE-ing.

It’s about self-leadership to empower ourselves to accelerate growth and impact. We are the ones taking daily decisions how we use our power, and what kind of reality we co-create. We are the ones that can choose to use our gifts to create a positive difference in the world.

Your story Matters! By owning your story and more important by sharing it, you will inspire many people! 

In this session you will learn more about the basics of storytelling from mom Yvonne Kgame, a wise story teller!

Teacher Cynthia Wright, Australia

Being a mission and a purpose driven leader, you become a more happier, efficient and sustainable authentic leader.

Purposeful Leadership; becoming the leader you are born to be.

Teachers Renée van der Burg and Ingun Bol, Netherlands

At the end of “Women Leading in Change” we will take time to reflect and give all participants the opportunity to present their Personal Growth Plan. 

Now it is time to move forward and what will the next steps look like?

Renee van der Burg
Renée van der Burg, Netherlands
DR Celina Pina-Shemo
Dr Celina Belmarce Piña - USA
Yvonne Kgame - Circle of Wise Women
Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame, South Africa
Bonnie Fatio - Global Ambassador
Bonnie Fatio - Pollock, Switserland/USA
Dr Bindu Babu
Dr Bindu Babu I-MD, PHD, USA
Saskia Harkema
Dr. Saskia Harkema, Netherlands
Ingun Bol - Founder President
Ingun Bol de Bock, Netherlands
Nawal Tarazi - Boardmember
Nawal Tarazi, Switserland/Jordan
Nienke van Bezooijen
Nienke van Bezooijen, Netherlands
Tanja Bogataj
Tanja Bogataj, Slovenia
Cynthia Musafili Wright
Cynthia Wright, MAICD, Australia