Board Members Female Wave of Change

Ingun Bol – De Bock

Founder and Chairperson

Ingun is a social entrepreneur and a real connector.

“I believe powerful women are the architects of change. By connecting, sharing, re-creating and using our feminine values and energy, we can create a more human world, a better world for everyone, a legacy to be proud of!”

Jennifer Camron

Board Member

Jennifer is Managing Director and owner Business Development for Women. She combines hard work with time to enjoy life.

“I believe FWoC is a movement that can really change lives and create a better world”


Renée van der Burg

Board Member

Renée is a HR leader in High Tech, Coach and Mentor. She is a people person, and makes change happen by bringing people together behind a vision.

“I love to contribute to the development of women and I want to see our feminine qualities being appreciated for the value they bring to society, organizations and daily life. Female Wave of Change can absolutely do that”


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