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Ingun Bol - Founder President

Ingun Bol – De Bock

Founder and President of the Board

Ingun is a social entrepreneur, a connector and loves to build bridges between people, organizations and companies.

“I believe powerful women are the architects of change. By connecting, sharing, re-creating and using our feminine values and energy, we can create a more human world, a better world for everyone, a legacy to be proud of!

The World needs us … Now!

If it is not us changing the world, the who?

If it is not now? Then when?”

Renee van der Burg

Renée van der Burg

Board Member

Renée is a HR leader in High Tech, Coach and Mentor. She is a people person, and makes change happen by bringing people together behind a vision.

“I love to contribute to the development of women and I want to see our feminine qualities being appreciated for the value they bring to society, organizations and daily life. Female Wave of Change can absolutely do that”


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Open Position!

1 Board Member

If you feel alligned with the vision and the values of Female Wave of Change and you can contribute a minimum of 8 hours  per week in this volunteer position, please contact us at

Since we are a global organization we are looking for women from different continents and from different areas of expertise.

Nawal Tarazi boardmember

Nawal Tarazi


Nawal is Professor  & Head of Bachelor studies for the Business, Management & Digital Media programs at IUG Switzerland. Founder and director NWNT Consulting Sàrl

“I agreed to join the board of Female Wave of Change after two years of fruitful experience within the Circle of Wise Women. I noticed that FWoC is more than a network of discussion, it is a network of action and support, it is an international team that does not cease to believe that team work is an important ingredient of success. I am a strong believer that FWoC is a unique diverse group who are inspired to share and support in order to lead a change; a positive change in several aspects that humanity welcomes. With this cooperation and support we noticed that many incomplete circles are being completed, many incomplete projects and ideas have been and continue to be supported. This is all taking place because we women are born to inspire, support, care and give, but together we must continue to be strong and positive. I am privileged to serve on the board of FWoC.”

Odiline Kava board FWoC

Odiline Kava


Odiline is a Brandpreneur, Marketing and PR Consultant, Brand Builder, Life Skills Trainer, Events Coordinator & Facilitator, Events Director, Mentor & Coach at Vakoma Business World

“I joined Female Wave of Change because it is full of wisdom, knowledge and power from women of different backgrounds. I will learn from them as they learn from me and together we will change the world through wave making”