Intro about the Country

Located in northwest Africa, Morocco covers the territory of the Western Sahara. Known, historically, as “The Farthest West,” Morocco is home to famous cities and destinations, including Marrakech, Tangiers, Essaouira; Dakhla  … and the Sahara Desert. Travelers to Morocco love the country’s unspoiled beaches, majestic mountains, and picturesque ports of call.


When you visit Morocco, you not only experience a rich culture, you can travel over a diverse terrain – an area that spans from sea level on the Atlantic Coast and climbs to an elevation of 2,300 meters in the High Atlas Mountains. Morocco’s attractions include Jbel Toubkal, Africa’s twenty-second highest mountain; numerous World Heritage sites; and 11 national parks, all which feature a variety of wildlife.

As like all other countries, Morocco is special with its own culture. Furthermore it is also a place of acceptance towards differences. and  the reality where Morocco has become a country where you’ll find an embracing of other cultures and traditions and even a practice in certain corners. This country has truly known the meaning of multitude, given that its culture has changed a lot throughout the history. It is in this sense that FWoC’s work and intervention comes, to open up to other cultures and to promote the feminine power in different areas to strengthen its different capacities.

Team of Ambassadors/ Wavemakers

Dr. Mina El Qalli