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“Education of women is of major importance to stimulate economic and social empowerment and to prepare women to lead.”

Female Wave of Change aims to reach out to as many women world wide as possible with inspiring education programs. 

Programs online to guide women to be the future Female Wave of Change Changemakers and Leaders.

Programs rolled out locally in the countries to be able to reach out to women who are not online, women in rural, remote  or disaster areas.

Reshape the Future

After the start with our “Women Leading in Change”  online program in 2019, we wanted to take it one step further and really guide women to be the changemakers we need: we want to “Reshape the Future” so we need a new way of thinking and a new way of moving forward as Authentic Feminine Leaders and drive change.

“Reshape the Future” is developed based on the values upheld by Female Wave of Change, the purpose, mission and vision to create a better more sustainable world, which gives space to shape societies and address problems through a meaningful feminine transformation by building bridges, sharing knowledge and experience, and creating new opportunities together.

It is a modular online program created by our own Female Wave of Change wise women and men. This program is aimed at empowering and teaching participants, to become the changemakers of the future. They will learn to be agents of change by building on their inner strength, talent and capabilities.

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Women Leading in Change Local

Starting January 2020 we are ready to roll out our “Women Leading in Change Local” program

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