Circle of Wise Women

"Female Wave of Change uses our Cultural Differences as our Strength, we are Complementary" - Cordelia Henry

The Female Wave of Change Circle of Wise Women is a group of people from all over the world who have earned our respect because of their wisdom, their life story, their knowledge and experience. They are committed to the purpose of Female Wave of Change to unite women changing the world into a better place: women from all walks of life who take responsibility for their own future, the future of the next generation and of the world.

The Circle of Wise Women contributes to develop the Vision and Mission of the Female Wave of Change. Doing so they work closely together with the Female Wave of Change powerful team of Board members, Ambassadors and Wavemakers.

They also play an active role in our online global activities, the local activities in the different countries and mentoring women to find the leader in them and be the leader to change the world.

The members of the Circle of Wise Women are our mentors, our guides, our teachers, our speakers, our advisors and our networkers.

Yvonne Kgame - Circle of Wise Women

Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame

South Africa

“I join Female Wave of Change because the vision resonates deeply with my values and my life purpose to Teach, Inspire, Mentor and Engage women who desire to build a better world for this generation and the next. Count on me! I am committed, willing and ready to serve”

Renee Cummings

Renee Cummings


“I support Female Wave of Change because it allows me to imagine the world I want and provides a supportive space for me to create the requisite strategies to effect change and an international platform from which I can execute those strategies.”

Nienke van Bezooijen - Circle of Wise Women

Nienke van Bezooijen

The Netherlands

“I join Female Wave of Change because I believe the only way to transforming humanity is through the aligned power of humanity. The new forces are crucial: empowered by the feminine values such as inclusion, cooperation and collaboration with our qualities. Female Wave of Change is a source of inspiration, the unstoppable wave of change that will transform how we treat our planet and each other. being on the Circle of Wise Women gives me the capability to connect globally and contribute to the wave with gained wisdom and power to keep the wave continuously active. I am not in to test the water. I am in to create waves” 

Pieter Grimbergen - Circle of Wise Women

Pieter Grimbergen 

The Netherlands

“I join the Female Wave of Change because I strongly believe in diversity. So as a man I hope to make a contribution to diversity in the Circle. As a coach ‘Living to your Values’ is leading in my work, connected to ‘Guiding to your values’. In the world we live in, this is a tremendous task. It starts not only in your own life, but also in circles like this one. Spread out the invitation searching for values is my call. Searching means: learning. I hope to learn from all of you. Also I do hope to open discussions about rather ‘unspoken’ matters such as the position of gay women in several parts of the complex world in their work, their family, their religion. To me joining this circle hasn’t anything to do with ‘women vs men’, but ‘women and men in learning from eachother’

Nawal Tarazi - Circle of Wise Women

Nawal Tarazi


“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe that team work is an important ingredient of success. With such a group of women who are inspired to share and support, many incomplete circles would be completed, many incomplete projects could be supported, and many new ideas are yet to be presented; because we women are born to inspire, support, care and give but must continue to be strong and positive.”



Regina Huber - Circle of Wise Women

Regina Huber


I support Female Wave of Change because I believe that when powerful, committed women like the ones in this group come together, they will bring the positive change that’s needed for a world where all can thrive. When we introduce more of the currently underrepresented feminine values into leadership, such as sustainability and social responsibility, the result will be more wealth and freedom for all, and therefore more peace. As we know: When girls and women win, all win. This is a fantastic platform to join forces so together, we can co-create a more inclusive world.

Dr. Letitia Wright - Circle of Wise Women

Dr. Letitia Wright

California USA

“I join Female wave of Change because I believe in the vision and our power to make a positive change in the world. I am deeply committed to working towards making the world better for women all over the globe and I join hands with the women of Female wave of Change to make it happen”

Janneke Nijboer - Circle of Wise Women

Janneke Nijboer

The Netherlands

“I join Female Wave of Change because the connection between women worldwide, creates positive changes in the lives of individuals and communities. I can contribute in my reflections on the common ground we live on. We share one world, one life and we have to take care of it. We need our diversity as humans to achieve this”

Patricia Herrera

Patricia Herrera


“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe that one of the main steps to become a happy and free society is empowering women to become the best version of themselves and therefore multiply the well being of everyone on earth.”

Petra Hoogerwerf - Circle of Wise Women

Petra Hoogerwerf

The Netherlands

“I join Female Wave of Change because I believe in the power of international collaboration. I am inspired by the broad network of women who are different in age, background and education but who have the same ambition. We can work together on world issues like climate change, poverty, clean water and sanitation and gender equality. Together we can find new solutions, ideas and make real impact!”

Annalie Killian - Circle of Wise Women

Annalie Killian

New York USA

“I believe in Female Wave of Change because in the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) we are living in, the feminine archetype of leadership is better adapted. Leadership is that nurtures the long-term; that looks at the whole, sees complex systems and seeks patterns to make sense and find a path; that understands the essence, the environment and the emotion not just the facts; that integrates feeling and intuition with thinking and reason to inspire and catalyze personal agency; and that acts from a place of learning rather than knowing is better adapted to a VUCA world. This is the Female Wave of Change the world needs.”


Alice Mpofu Coles - Circle of Wise Women

Alice Mpofu – Coles


“I join Female Wave of Change because we can lift the voices of those marginalized. It does not start with anyone but us and for this to happen the VOICE needs to be attuned to HIGH. This is not only for us but the future generation of young people to listen to them, the hear them and decipher their voice. Female refugees struggle to have their voice heard for the changes they need for their communities and families”

Dr Bindu Babu - Circle of Wise Women

Bindu Babu


“I support Female Wave of Change because it is an organization collaborating women globally in all walks of life, sharing their wisdom, knowledge, experience and innate passion to help empower others to live their true potential without judgement, discrimination or fear.
It is an honor to be part of this wave of change.”

Juliah Chege

Juliah Chege


“I support Female Wave of Change because we have very many things in common in terms of making women globally better and uplifting them , I commit to promote the FWOC vision as we better all women together.”

Cordelia Henry - Circle of Wise Women

Cordelia Henry

United Arab Emirates

“I joined Female Wave of Change because I believe change comes from within. When a woman is inspired to be the best  she can be, the ripple effect to both herself and those around her is powerful. Female wave of Change is the vehicle that can be used to make this happen”

Mildred Ngesa - Circle of Wise Women

Mildred Ngesa


“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe it is important to bring women’s organizations together and have our voices heard on a global scale . I am very excited to be part of this team”

Deb Edirisinghe - Circle of Wise Women

Deb Edirisinghe

Sri Lanka

“I join Female Wave of Change because it is a group of like minded women determined to make a positive impact globally. I believe together we are stronger and together we will see change!” 

Precious Mvulane - Circle of Wise Women

Precious Mvulane

South Africa

“I support FWoC because I can reach women throughout the world with different background so that we can learn from each other and next generation of women can do better than we have done”

Lindy Wafula - Circle of Wise Women

Lindy Wafula


“I join Female Wave of Change because here I can continue propelling feminine influence for sustainable global development” 


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