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    Breath Quotient – Observations of Breath Intelligence

    Breath Quotient – Observations of Breath Intelligence By Dr Ela Manga and Viola Edward In this time of the worldwide pandemic of COVID 19, fear, stress and panic are feelings and emotions we have to deal with every day (and night!). Breathing the right way might help you to deal with these feelings and emotions in a better way.  Female Wave of Change is very grateful that Viola Edward and Dr Ela Manga gave us permission to publish this article so it might help you to improve your Breath Intelligence and get you through this challenging time. Breathing is a Language Breathing is far more than the exchange of air.…

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    Violation of Female Integrity

    A Story of Violation of Female Integrity (This story is published anonymously in the month of extra focus on “Gender Based Violence”. The identity of the writer is known by the board of Female Wave of Change and a member of our community) Phumzile Mlambo, UN Women Executive Director said: “I urge every leader, woman and girl, men and boy, across every sector to stand by and stand with survivors, activist, women human right defenders, and women movements in ending violence against women and girls around the world”. Women and girls need this support so much because of the impact on their life and the side effects on society as well.…

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    Poem Regina Huber

    Regina Huber writes Global Conference Poem Regina Huber, member Female Wave of Change Circle of Wise Women, writes a poem at the end of the Global Conference in South Africa September 2019. Be inspired and enjoy! Women, Step into Your Brilliance and Ride the Wave of Change with Us! Women, where are you? The world is crying out: We need you!!! Where have you been hiding? – We need all of you!Why have you been divided? – We need all of you… united! Show us your power! It’s waiting inside of you to come out. This power, your power, is going to lead us into a new chapter on this…

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