Intro about the Country

Canada is a vast and rugged country. From north to south it spans more than half of the Northern Hemisphere. From west to east it stretches almost 7560 kilometers (4,700 miles) across six time zones. It is the second largest country in the world but has only one-half of one percent of the world’s population.  

Canada features numerous lakes, rivers, majestic western mountains, rolling central plains, and forested eastern valleys. The Canadian Shield, a hilly region of lakes and swamps, stretches across northern Canada and has some of the oldest rocks on Earth. The country boasts 41 national parks, a variety of provincial parks and three marine conservation areas. 

Canada’s far north is dominated by snow, ice, and glaciers. Native Canadians, called First Nations people, live in this region by hunting and fishing. (adapted from

Female Wave of Change (FWOC) Canada was incorporated as a national non-profit organization by Pamela Thompson on December 7, 2020. Pamela is Ambassador (FAE) for Canada of Female Wave of Change and President of FWOC Canada – FWOC Canada is a member-based organization that has monthly meetings with featured guests and co-creates projects with its members in the 5 pillar areas of: environment, education, economy, health and humanity.

Team of Ambassadors/Wavemakers

Barbara Edie
Pamela Thompson
President FWOC Canada
Michelle Rogers
Barbara Edie
Secretary & Wavemaker
Michelle Rogers-2
Michelle Rogers
Treasurer & Wavemaker
Christina O’Reilly_
Christina O’Reilly
Director, Communications and PR & Wavemaker
Womens Business Headshot for Distinctive Women Magazine
Alexandra Salamis