Intro about the Country

Australia is an island continent and the world’s sixth largest country. A distinct land of contrasts with lush
rainforests, vast dry regions and beautiful beaches our land has a rich cultural heritage thanks to the Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander people. We acknowledge all First Peoples of this land and celebrate their enduring
connections to Country, knowledge, and stories.

In 2019 the Female Wave of Change (FWoC) presence was established in Perth (Western Australia), where we
work alongside our First Among Equals (FAE) Australia and New Zealand Ambassador to open doors and connect
women and organisations at all levels of society. FWoC Australia embraces diversity, seeks to provide equal
opportunities for all, to promote compassion, connect authentically in the community with heart and take
responsibility to lead by example and #BeTheChange.

Team of Ambassadors/ Wavemakers

Susanne Staton
Caroline Houghton