"Together we are Awakening the Power of Women" Yvonne Bisisiwe Kgame

Female Wave of Change is expanding fast into new areas. We are very proud to be represented by so many inspiring women in almost 30 countries already.

If we are already represented in your country and you would like to join us, please get in touch with your country ambassador. 

If your country is not yet represented, please do get in touch with the Ambassador FAE (First Among Equals) of your continent. You can reach out by using the form on the “Contact Us” page or send an email to 

Global Ambassadors

Bisila Bokoko - Global Ambassador

Bisila Bokoko

USA / Spain

“I support Female Wave of Change because I celebrate women rights all around the globe, our liberty, our dreams, and above all, our life. Through this platform, working together, we can make it happen”

Bonnie Fatio - Global Ambassador

Bonnie Fatio

Switserland / USA

“I believe that bringing authentic, feminine leadership to all levels of society around the globe will positively transform our world. Each of us has a role to make this happen; together we are an undeniable force, a Female Wave of Change”

Jane Anyango Odongo - Global Ambassador

Jane Anyango


“I support Female Wave of Change because it breaks all barriers that limit women to excel by creating networking opportunities and platforms”

Saskia Harkema

Saskia Harkema

The Netherlands

“I support Female Wave of Change because it is our duty to our children and all the children of the world, to make this world a better place”

Ambassadors Africa

Tebello Mokhema - Ambassador FAE Africa

Tebello Mokhema

Ambassador South Africa

“The combination of strength and grace that women of substance bring to change the world for future generations, is what makes me believe in the mission of Female Wave of Change”


Regina Mutiru - Ambassador Kenya

Regina Mutiru

Ambassador Kenya

“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe in women leadership. World over, women have been the backbone of communities, they are the glue that holds communities together. Therefore, I believe when we come together as women through Female Wave of Change, we can grab that seat at the table, the seat that we have been constantly denied and while at the seat we will impact across genders and generations.” 

Mellany Msengezi Mariri - Ambassador Zimbabwe

Mellany Msengezi Mariri

Ambassador Zimbabwe

“I am honoured to share this space with other empowered women and to make a positive impact on the next generation of women- a generation of responsible and resilient female change-makers. One of the things I find most inspiring is women openly supporting and lifting each other up and I join Female Wave of Change because I strongly believe in how powerful a force females can be, when they support one another”

Thekla Mutero

Thekla Mutero

Ambassador Namibia

“I support Female Wave of Changes Because I believe that it’s one of the best organizations that can unite us women to work together as a great team, to make the world a better place for all. To create and empower women to be proactive; to contribute to the positive way forward of sustainability and career development in our communities, towns, regions, national and international platforms to alleviate poverty. “

Helen Olayinka Ogunsuyi


“I support FWoC because of my special interest in Gender empowerment, development and emancipation from Social, Political, Economic, Civil and Religion subjugation.”

Asmau Benzies Leo - Ambassador Nigeria

Asmau Bezies Leo


“I support Female Wave of Change because together as women we destroy barriers, change perceptions and improve the lives of women and girls everywhere in our communities and produce the needed change.”

Situmbeko Wambulawae - Ambassador Zambia

Situmbeko Wambulawae

Ambassador Zambia

“I support female wave of change because I believe that women are stronger together. I believe that our diversity, our cultures and our backgrounds are a great opportunity for learning and growth. Our differences make us stronger and by working together, we can make this world a better place!”



Ambassadors Mena

Roula Eid Sawan - Ambassador FAE MENA

Roula Eid Sawan

Ambassador MENA -FAE

“I support female Wave of Change because I believe that we need actions to be done, not just talking. We need to create a big sound all over the world, to help each other and create a better future. together we will shine!”

Chada Kassab - Ambassador Lebanon

Chada Kassab

Ambassador Lebanon

“I fully support Female Wave of Change, because I do believe that women together are stronger especially when they have their own business and are well connected to be the change needed in their society”

Lina El Assaad - Ambassador UAE

Lina El Assaad

Ambassador UAE

“I support Female Wave of Change because I am a firm believer in the unlimited creative potential in every human being. I believe we need a collaborative approach from both men and women to create a wave to bring awareness to the endless possibilities which can emerge from women actively pursuing their own vision and ambition and living a purposeful life”

Nour Moghradi - Ambassador Jordan

Nour Moghrabi

Ambassador Jordan

“I believe that women can and should bring positive change to a troubled world. Every day through my work and personal life, I meet inspiring women who are full of creativity and passion that can turn the world around. I support Female Wave of Change because it helps bring these  forward looking women together, and achieve the much needed change using technology based and face to face formats”


Adriana Meyer

Adriana Meyer

Ambassador Qatar

“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe that if we start promoting change and investing more on our personal education and growth we will be able to develop strategies and expertise in facilitating women’s success through better choices and fruitful interactions, impacting positively the female world with more balance and equality.”

Ambassadors North America

Susan Ganz - Ambassador USA New York

Susan Ganz

Ambassador New York State

“I join the Female Wave of Change because I want to be part of the solution in advancing women in their careers and inspiring women to realize their full potential and power.”

Shashi Goel - Ambassador USA state Wisconsin

Shashi Goel

Ambassador Wisconsin

“I strongly support Female Wave of Change (FWoC), as it is a platform where you connect and talk about the female empowerment and helping each other. Creating a worldwide wave of femininity to join hands to bring positive changes in women’s life.”

Narges Nirumvala - Ambassador Western Canada

Narges Nirumvala

Ambassador Western Canada

“I joined Female Wave of Change because I want to be part of a global movement that empowers all women with the knowledge, skills and resources to succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow. I believe we need more women leaders to step up, speak up and address the injustice they see in
the world.”

Nancia Leath - Ambassador Georgia USA

Nancia Leath

Ambassador Georgia

“I support FWoC because they inspire women worldwide to become community leaders who have compassion, understand the importance of celebrating diversity, and one another.”

Ambassadors Asia Pasific

Mireille Toulekima - Ambassador Australia New Zealand

Mireille Toulekima

Ambassador Australia & New Zealand –  FAE

“I joined Female Wave of Change because I want to add my wave of change to support and champion the empowerment of women in Australia and Asia Pasific”

Susie Staton

Susie Staton


“I support Female Wave of Change because of an alignment with my personal mission which is to drive changes in society, through economic empowerment, community engagement and personal growth. I believe through our Female Wave of Change we will make this world a better place.”

Cynthia Musafili Wright

Cynthia Musafili Wright


“I Support Female Wave of Change because I believe in women empowerment for global economic development. At some point in my success, it stopped being about me, it became about the women I represent.”

Ambassadors Asia

Shad Begum - Ambassador Pakistan

Shad Begum

Ambassador Pakistan

“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe that women issues are global issues. Until and unless we women around the world will not come together, we can not create a real impact on the larger scale”

Manizha Paktin - Ambassador Afghanistan

Manizha Paktin

Ambassador Afghanistan

“The solidarity of the women in the world can make the root of humanity stronger, women are creative and capable. Women are the core of society which generates generations. We have to help other women to get higher up and stand up too, so as a whole we benefit. Gone are the days where you fight to the top, bashing all others”


Ambassadors Latin and South America

Ihali Crespo - Ambassador Mexico

Ihalí Crespo 

Ambassador Mexico

“I support Female Wave of Change because it is a legitimate movement to empower women all over the world, it is important women realize their own potential and share with others their knowledge and experience in order to build a better place for the next female generations. I also believe not also women but men understanding and contributing to this movement in favour of gender equality can create waves of change around the world”


Ruth Sinkeler

Ruth Sinkeler 

Ambassador Caribbean 

“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe in balance. To create sustainable change worldwide it is necessary for women to be represented in positions where the decisions are being made. Let’s take our seats at the several tables or better yet create our own!”

Ambassadors Europe

Sarah Mills - Ambassador UK

Sarah Mills

Ambassador UK

“I joined Female Wave of Change because I am a passionate believer in feminine leadership. I believe that all women can be winners and lead flourishing fulfilling lives that will, with global collaboration across all genders, impact the world in a positive long – lasting way.”

Nim Haas

Nim Haas

Ambassador UK

“I’m honoured to become UK Ambassador for FWoC that are enabling to empower women across borders. It’s with organisations such as FWoC and through their initiatives and strong network of global Ambassadors all coming together with one common goal of making positive changes to further support inclusion and diversity across our society.”

Hengameh Bolouri - Ambassador Germany

Hengameh Bolouri 

Ambassador Germany

“I support female wave of change 110% because women and men from all walks of life should inspire and support one another to create a shift in mindset in building communities in their relevant country and across the globe. These wave of leaders and learners need a safe platform to play, learn, and grow without being judged and compared. As Simon Sinek quotes “Leadership is an education and the best leaders think of themselves as the students, not the teachers’.”

Amparo Lopes - Ambassador Spain (Madrid)

Amparo Lopez

Ambassador Spain, Madrid

“I want to be part of Female Wave of Change, because I think it is a good platform to reach the  values and knowledge that little by little are being forgotten. We will surely find the way to reach them in a more current way and managing to capture their attention. The actions we carry out must be modern, different and effective.”

Vanessa Ruiz - Ambassador Spain (Barcelona)

Vanessa Ruiz

Ambassador Spain, Barcelona

“I joined Female Wave of Change because it´s a unique movement to support women´s brilliant ideas and actions in so many different fields that can have a positive return in our society. It´s also an ideal platform to collaborate with all genders to recover and transmit to new generations the importance of some basic values that seems to be globally forgotten.”

Patricia Bargiela - Ambassador Spain Sevilla

Patricia Bargiela Perez

Ambassador Spain, Sevilla

“I support Female Wave of Change, because women used to support each other, transmitting our wisdom to others. Nowadays most of us are alone, without any guidance and help. With these movement, we have the opportunity to help and empower each other. We have to change things that need changing and make a positive impact in the world. Giving women their rightful place and helping the new generations to be less prejudiced and unequal. We have a very important mission and Female Wave of Change is a very important tool to achieve our goals.”

Marta Berglez

Marta Berglez

Ambassador Balkan

“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe that this platform brings together strong women who are willing to face challenges with their talents, solidarity, and sense of community to make important achievements to the world. This purpose is aligned with my own mission and beliefs and its a joy to be part of it and be able to share my path with those great women.”

Tanja Bogataj

Tanja Bogataj

Ambassador Slovenia and Region

“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe in and share its mission, values and approach. I believe in the endless potential and power of people to learn, improve and create, and in the power of collaboration and the impact we can create together. This inspires and empowers me to give my best and contribute my part to co-create with others the conditions for a well-being and better world for all, and not wait for outside circumstances to change first, or someone else do the job.”

Gabriela Krstevska

Gabriela Krstevska

Ambassador Macedonia

“I support Female Wave of Change because I am sure that women can do it better than they are doing it today. They have the strength; women are outstanding to fulfill things, they just need the inspiration sparkle to do this. I believe that FWoC can help us to find that sparkle in us, to start using our real capabilities to leave a better world to our children because as in the saying “we do not heritage the world from our forefathers, but we borrow it from our children”. I want to be a part of this wheal of change.”

Saadet Ozdemir

Saadet Ozdemir

Ambassador Turkey

“I support the Female Wave of Change because, I believe that women in current times will lead the way for a better world where they can live fulfilling lives, pursuing their individual dreams and those of their families. It is my view that the tools that we need for the next century is connectivity, access to knowledge and global access to each other”

Ruby Bakshi Khurdi - Ambassador Switzerland

Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Ambassador Switserland

“I support Female Wave of Change because when amazing women work together we can bring significant changes in the world and make it a beautiful place to live!! I want to be inspired by wonderful women in this group and share my area of expertise to empower them….”

Honorary Ambassadors

Tina Thomson - Honorary Ambassador

Tina Thomson

Former Ambassador USA FAE

“I am convinced that a critical mass of women leaders, who share values and goals, as well as being a support system for one another, is all we need to effect positive change globally. Every woman is a leader. No title is necessary. I am committed to Female Wave of Change so that I can be a part of the ripple effect we will create”

Marianna Johansson - Honorary Ambassador

Marianne Johansson

Co – Founder

“I support FWoC because I believe in the female strength to inspire for the goals for our environment”

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