Dr MiNa EL QALLI Ambassador Morocco

Dr MINa EL Qalli

Female Wave of Change welcomes Dr MiNa EL QALLI as Ambassador Morocco

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Dr MiNa EL Qalli as our Ambassador in Morocco. Dr MiNa will be working closely with our team of Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) and our Ambassador First Among Equals MENA Roula Eid Sawan.

Expert and Trainer for people with autism or mental handicap

Dr MiNa is the Director in charge of Foreign Relations at the Arab Media Center for People with Disabilities – AMCPD.  A  Noble international ambassador of education and youth empowerment.  She is also an expert and trainer in inclusive education.  Expert and trainer in autism and mental handicap.  She has an Honorary doctorate in sustainable development by the eco-training centre –  Sweden.  Also an Honorary doctorate in social work. 

Dr MiNa is a Board member and assistant program coordinator at the international centre: Eco-Training Center-SWEDEN.  A Permanent Member of the training team, and educational engineering consultant at the Third Hemisphere International Center (France).  In charge of a resource room for the qualification and support of disabled children in Morocco.   A Member of Moroccan observatory of training and research in ICT.

Female Wave of Change

“I support Female Wave of Change because every woman needs to be sensitized, a woman is a society, and she is the pillar of change. The target is to change social vision about women, to mobilize the cause of a social group in order to make a change.”

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