Stéphanie Mitrano – Member Circle of Wise Women

Stéphanie Mitrano

Female Wave of Change welcomes Stéphanie Mitrano-Méda into her Circle of Wise Women

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Stéphanie Mitrano- Méda into her Circle of Wise Women. Her expertise on feminine values in organisations and mentoring entrepreneurs can be of great value for our global community. Since it is her vision that wisdom should be shared we know she will be a great addition to our Circle of Wise Women. 

Feminine Values

“Based in the Netherlands, Stéphanie Mitrano-Méda is an international consultant, trainer, keynote speaker, executive coach, author, mentor, dancer, gardener and sketcher, with over twenty years experience as a bringer of feminine values in organisations.

Cultural Transformation

She is, with her husband, co-founder and senior partner at Innovation Copilots which engages startups and international corporations in cultural transformations enabling innovation strategies. It has become her life mission to help organisations, teams and leaders to incorporate feminine values such as empathy, learning communities, emotional safety, authentic expression and mindset agility in their work practices, which is now especially important in these uncertain times.

Mentoring Entrepreneurs

As one of the rare experts on mentoring in Europe, Stéphanie has designed and implemented numerous corporate mentoring programmes since 2007 and has written the first PhD thesis about mentoring entrepreneurs in Europe in 2012. She is also regularly mentoring women to help them feel empowered to express themselves authentically in life and at work.

Since 2010 as a trainer and coach and with her TEDx talk in 2014, she has been working towards helping people welcome, understand and channel their emotions authentically and safely in the workplace.

Since 2017, she is also part of the Women Leadership programmes teaching team at Erasmus Center for Women and Organisations (Rotterdam School of Management / Erasmus University).

Wisdom should be shared

She regularly shares her knowledge, tools, and perspectives on social networks and her company’s blog as she believes that wisdom doesn’t belong to anyone in particular and should be shared. Her research has been published in several scientific journals, and she also likes to share white papers on her subjects to ensure knowledge is accessible beyond the academic circles. She contributed one chapter entitled “Decoding Emotions at Work” to “The Female Code” published in 2020 in the USA by Professional Women Publishing.

TEDx talk:

Innovation Copilots blog:

Downloadable white paper on strategic mentoring:

Stéphanie’s latest article about feminine values:

Female Wave of Change

“I join FWoC because its mission resonates strongly with my own, because I know that feminine values are key to our present and future, because I have witnessed and benefited from the power of women’s circles to influence positively individuals, communities and organizations, and simply because it is pure joy to contribute my drop to the wave of change.”




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