Dr Lumka Maneli – Member Circle of Wise Women

Dr Lumka Maneli

Female Wave of Change welcomes Dr Lumka Maneli into her Circle of Wise Women

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Dr Lumka Maneli from South Africa into her Circle of Wise Women. Dr Lumka joined Female Wave of Change in 2020 as a wavemaker in the team of Ambassador SA Tebello Mokhema. During the Global Conference 2020 Dr Lumka acted as the spokesperson of the health team. Her expertise will be of great value for the global Female Wave of Change community.

Health and Wellness Consultant

Dr Lumka Maneli is an Occupational Health and Wellness consultant with 14 years in medical practice. She is a founder and director of Doyi Occuhealth, and in this capacity directs occupational health medicine and drives wellness and disease prevention efforts for various large corporates in South Africa.

She is also a specialist in health risk assessment and management for safety critical operations and is a certified travel, aviation and diving medicine practitioner. She is a strong advocate for people’s participation in their own health and driving culture change to promote health supporting behaviours.

Woman Empowerment

Changing the narrative about women from being victims to leaders and influencers is what drives her. She is passionate about woman empowerment as a tool for social transformation and is always excited to collaborate with others to influence conversations for positive social transformation.

She understands the importance of solidarity when advocating for a cause because without unity women will always be victims and this is the main reason she chose to ride the Wave of Change.  

Female Wave of Change

“I join FWoC because it provides a platform for global collaborations and use of authentic self to influence the change needed to better our world even for future generations”

“Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.”     – Alexander The Great

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  • Lerato Sehoole

    You have been blessed with a woman of INTEGRITY who does everything GRACIOUSLY very selfless human being i know. I am so excited for your TEAM and women who will experience her GIFT. Dr Lumka Maneli is down to earth yet her WISDOM is shining in everything she says with her MOUTH. I believe in her. Met her 23 years ago and she is a HARD worker very interested in seeing people lives BETTER. When she joined SAA I was happy for the company because I knew that people were going to experience CHANGE if they allow her to guide them. I can go on and on about Lumka because it warms my HEART to know someone who doesn’t want to WIN alone she want the whole WORLD to WIN on HEALTH….

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