Dr Florence Nisabwe – Ambassador Burundi

Female Wave of Change welcomes Dr Florence Nisabwe as  Ambassador of Burundi

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Dr Florence Nisabwe as our Ambassador in Burundi. It is great to see our team expanding on the African continent. Florence will be working closely together with our Ambassador FAE Tebello Mokhema from South Africa and our responsible board member Odiline Kava from Zimbabwe

Social Entrepreneur and Woman Empowerment

“Dr Florence Nisabwe is a Social entrepreneur, Founder and Executive Director of Fondation Lance d’Afrique Burundi, Dr Florence Nisabwe is passionate about social entrepreneurship and women empowerment. She believes that helping women to achieve economic empowerment can inspire community development and provide answers to the challenges that our societies face, and that women can foster global change.

Giving back to her community

Dr Nisabwe is an independent expert and consultant on social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, project management and good governance. Since her childhood, Dr Florence Nisabwe has always wanted to assist people to improve their socio-economic conditions. She knows, based on her experience that giving back to her community improves her sense of well-being, as well as keeps her connected to her local Burundian community. For her, also the act of helping others, especially women, makes her feel great, even if it’s just a small financial contribution. She derives so much joy and unmatched inner satisfaction when she helps people in dire need, even if it means making high sacrifices. She feels happier as well when she realized that her work is serving a greater purpose and she is bringing positive results.

Fondation Lance d’Afrique Burundi (FLAB)

Dr Florence Nisabwe holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship and a Master in Economic Development. Her PhD research in Entrepreneurship and Economic Development inspired her to launch a nonprofit organisation called Fondation Lance d’Afrique Burundi (FLAB) to directly empower women in Burundi through social entrepreneurship and knowledge production. Foundation-LAB allows her to make a difference and be part of creating a lasting impact on other people’s lives. For the past 8 years, she is involved in so many associations supporting underserved populations and miserable ones in Burundi and in South Africa. 

Author and Teacher

Author and co-author of six books and many peer-review articles, Dr Florence teach on part-time basis MBA students and she has co-supervised many doctorates and master students. She has presented papers around the world including; USA, Canada, Europe and Africa, and member of international organizations among them: World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), The Global Library of Female Authors.”

Female Wave of Change

Florence joined Female Wave of Change because she strongly believes that women are a catalyst of positive change. In this regard, the platform Female Wave of Change is an initiative that contributes to women empowerment and ultimately reducing gender disparities. As a champion of women and young girls in the Great Lakes Region, I am well convinced that the objectives of my organization Fondation Lance d’Afrique Burundi and those of the organization Female Waves of Change are linked. My presence in this worldwide organization of Female leaders will give me the opportunity to learn from others with their variety of experiences and at the same time share with them the specificities of my beloved country Burundi.

As it is known, alone we can go faster for a short period of time but with the movement Female Wave of Change, we can achieve tremendous results.

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