Mariam Laaroussi – Ambassador of The Netherlands

Mariam Laaroussi

Female Wave of Change welcomes Mariam Laaroussi as ambassador of The Netherlands

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Mariam Laaroussi as our Ambassador in the Netherlands. Since our Global Foundation is based in The Netherlands, we are really excited that after 3,5 years we actually have a Dutch Ambassador. Miriam brings in a wide corporate experience and right now is in the proces of building her own business focused on women empowerment and especially women who have been facing a lot of challenges. Miriam has a beautiful background of mixed cultures that reflects the spirit of Female Wave of Change.

Creative Entrepreneur

“As a creative entrepreneur, Mariam uses her energy to contribute to sustainability and the emancipation of women in vulnerable positions. Her wish for women is to create a safe learning and working environment in which they discover, develop and deploy their talents so that their strength and self-reliance can be found again and they can participate in society.

Female Wave of Change

“It is an honor to be the ambassador of the Female Wave of Change. I believe it is time for us to end our divisions, and create a world, not of unlimited growth for the few, but the well-being of the many.  I believe in a level playing field where all of us, and all life, can flourish . A new, even playing field of cooperation, sharing, caring and reciprocity.”

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