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My story by Elizabeth Banda

July 2020 is the Female Wave of Change Story telling month: Stories matter and we want you to share yours! Today Elizabeth Banda shares her story.


Gift of Love


My name is Elizabeth Banda. I am a mother of two, a girl who’s eleven years old and a boy who is three. I would like to share my story on how we effectively managed and reduced the effects of
autism on our daughter. 

My daughter was diagnosed at the age of two; she couldn’t say a word until she was three. We tried numerous avenues, from various forms of therapy to diet plans, you name it! But I would
mostly attribute her recovery to my presence as a mother beside her. When my daughter was diagnosed I decided to quit my job…. I am an Engineer by profession. I sacrificed everything I worked towards and began a new journey, that of being a mother and caregiver to a child with special needs. It was not an easy feat, but here I am nine years later with a beautiful little girl who’s in 5th grade
and doing extremely well…there is hope! Something can definitely be done.


My knowledge throughout the journey and heart´s desire to share

I have acquired so much knowledge throughout this journey and my heart’s desire is to share it, and help parents on the same journey fast-track the road to recovery. Different diets and forms of therapy will do wonders for these children. Its simple things that any mom can do, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Things like following a certain diet plan that is gluten free and casein free for example, or giving the child fermented foods to help populate their gut with good bacteria. Moms
can prepare these foods in their kitchens.

Every day I wake up with the urge to teach and share wisdom and knowledge on how to help a child with autism. And help reduce the stress that parents experience with this disorder.


Being a Mother

When my daughter was diagnosed not many people knew about autism. It was hard and I don’t want anyone to walk this journey alone because I know how difficult it is. We need support groups for
parents. People are suffering and children are just hidden away in perfectly capable homes. People just don’t know what to do…it’s a sad situation. 

This journey has taught me selflessness and my wish and desire is to establish a foundation that gives hope to parents who face similar challenges with autistic children, something can be done. I envision a foundation that supports parents who are struggling to deal with autism, especially mothers. It is a stressful journey to the say the least and more so without the necessary support or knowledge regarding this complex neurobiological disorder. I say the best doctor is the parent; we
have all the power in our hands. Let’s do what we can do, come together and walk the journey hand in hand.”


Cell: (+27)79 588 5682


 Elizabeth Banda gave Female Wave of Change permission to publish her story








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