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My Story by Barsha Prasai

Barsha Prasai

June 2020 is the Female Wave of Change Story telling month: Stories matter and we want you to share yours! Today Barsha Prasai, originally from Nepal, shares with you her story how she learned to become a leader.

Learning to become a leader

“My story starts in my birth city named Biratnagar in Nepal. My mother has been the backbone and the leader of our family and my father has been the soul of our family. My mother worked in a Government office and it is not common in Nepal for a woman to lead the family but it was different in our case. It is my parents who taught me to become a strong person and always encouraged to be successful academically. Since childhood, they gave me the opportunity of the best education possible and never made any difference between us two sisters and an elder brother. Because still many girls are given less opportunity than the boys are given in our part of the world. I was 24 years old when I came to Germany for Master studies in biomedical sciences. The journey of staying in Germany is about a decade long and I must say I have learned a lot. Although I got the opportunity of quality education, I have experienced many ups and downs here including cultural shock, homesickness and some health issues.

While I was writing my thesis, I remember I was struggling financially and was not willing to reach out to my parents. I cancelled my dormitory room and instead slept on the mattress in a friend’s dormitory room for some months. During that time I was feeling low and was about to quit my thesis and go back home. But I hung up there for some more time watching motivational videos and speeches of the motivational speakers and successful personalities. During that time I was fascinated about a profession of public speaking that could uplift people who are fighting emotionally in their situations. The speeches helped me to hold on and complete my thesis. I earned my degree, worked in a university laboratory and then worked in a Biotech company for a few years. I got married to the man I loved and that is the best part of my life. Things were going smoothly until when I realized my calling is not working in a mainstream scientific field but instead doing something that would help people uplift from their depressive and unmotivated life situations. So I decided to not work in a company but instead start something on my own. I had to start from something so in 2018 I started a blog named where I write about the experiences I have lived, my struggles about my search of purpose, my spiritual journey, how I overcome stress and live life with mindfulness, my story of overcoming low self-esteem, ways to improve public speaking and many other personal development stories and mental health importance topics. This is also a platform for people who are willing to share their part of experiences in any walk of life.

What leadership means to me

I realize my parents made me strong enough that I could decide what my heart wants and lead my life according to my own rule. Leadership does not only mean leading a company or a business. Leadership also means the confidence to come to the point when one can decide what their life mission is, no matter even if the path is still not walked by many people. Leadership means taking control of the situation and trusting in one’s vision and following it no matter if you are alone in this path. Because I believe, if the purpose is good and for the benefits of others, things will work out and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long and tough and dark the tunnel is. It is in our hand to realize our purpose and lead the path. We are living in a society where we are from a young age taught to do things everyone is doing, getting a degree and working for others in their company. I changed my path and initiated an uncertain career as a Blogger and a Life-coach. Even a small positive change in someone’s life from my path of inspiring people either from my writing or my speaking engagements or coaching would mean success to me. I am in the beginning phase of my path and have been networking and attending the mentorship program of Inspired Women Lead. These are my stepping stones and I believe in this way I am living my life as a leader, not leading someone else but living my life in my terms and making effort to making this world a better place and believing no matter what the situation is Life is beautiful.”

Barsha Prasai gave Female Wave of Change permission to share her story


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