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Dear world leaders (an open letter)

Yvonne Kgame - Circle of Wise Women

Dear World Leaders:

An open letter written bij mom Yvonne Bisisiwe Kgame, member of the Female Wave of Change Circle of Wise Women

“We applaud your courage in taking bold steps to confront the unexpected challenges brought by the outbreak of Coronavirus. Your prompt action and decisive approach in trying times has inspired Hope in all of us. We will  breakthrough despite many obstacles. Your innovation and creativitiy inspired people from all walks of life to explore and think outside the box. It is wise to collaborate across disciplines and tap into all wisdoms. Needless to say mobilising medical professionals who are not working helped increase the capacity where required. We are in awe of how the medical fraternity has committed to saving lives whilst risking their own. That is Selfless Service. Your tireless efforts and boldness to fight endless battles are noticed . Thank you for saving so many lives and for being there for families who have lost loved ones. We value you for paying attention to critical issues in rural areas, child headed homes, orphanages, old age homes, prisons, farms and many more.

The plight of women, children, disabled  people, the poor, the hungry and the unemployed continues to haunt nations. Keep paying attention to what is revealing itself in this era. Research is in need now more than ever in our quest for solutions. I am writing  this open letter to  remind you that women are ready to step up to the challenge and play their part in fighting to improve all lives. We pledge to play a pivotal role in ensuring that all laws and policies clearly articulate the provision for all members of society and uphold Human Rights for all. Human Values are key to our transformation journey. We care about our Environment. We are also taking responsibility to explore ways in which we can add value in the Digital Revolution, Economic Development, Health Improvement and Education.

Looking forward to co-creating a Peaceful, Inclusive, Healthy and  Free World where we all live United. We can work together to Reshape our world for generations to come. We Salute you for your Solidarity.

Keep on Keeping on.”

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