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Day out of the life of … Kristina

Kristina Zrinka Kozul

Day out of the life of …Kristina Zrinka Kozul, Croatia

In this time of a worldwide pandemic Female Wave of Change shares the stories of women from all over the globe. How are they experiencing and dealing with the Corona challenge

Interview with Kristina Zrinka Kozul, from Croatia and her thoughts about vulnerability in times of coronavirus. By Debora Pedroni, Female Wave of Change Wavemaker Croatia.

“My name is Kristina Zrinka Kožul. I’m 33 years old, and live in Split. I’m President of MULTIPLA SKLEROZA MOGU SVE, an association of people with multiple sclerosis. We created that society to help so many young women fighting this disease. Besides, I am also a pilates instructor and I run pilates for those with MS like regular pilates.

I was diagnosed multiple sclerosis about 7 years ago, when I gave birth to my first and only son. It started with optical neuritis. I lost my vision on my left eye. Soon they diagnosed me with MS, which usually comes after big psycho physical trauma, as the birth of my son was to me. In the beginning there was not too many of the symptoms and usually there are over a thousand symptoms of this debilitating disease.

This disease is known as a growing one, so you can expect that it is going to get worse by the years. Now I have issues with coordination, with my walk, with my hearing, with my digestion…. I could count it for days. Right now I am in the middle of relapse, what we call when the disease is growing and I ask for stronger, more expensive medication. Unfortunately, things get complicated with all this coronavirus problems but I hope to get medication as soon as possible. For all the girls diagnosed with MS it is common that, when they are not in relapse, they look completely normal, no one could ever tell that they suffer so much from diagnose like that. That is why we call each other MS WARRIORS.

One of my biggest problems is almost constant fatigue. For example, before lunch, every day, I feel so tired like I can’t even keep my head straight and it feels like someone is breaking my spine in two pieces. I got to lie down and take a nap. After that I can again ‘run’ through my whole day. Hard to understand, right?

Well, we have to watch ourselves more than regular people, because any inflammation or any other disease could worsen symptoms of our MS. So, we have to be in our house and we cannot get too nervous because our symptoms will only get worse with that.

This is the time we have to care for each other more than ever. We have to watch for those who are older, who don’t have enough for normal life and especially for those with serious diagnoses as today we have too much and also, so many young people…Never disapprove anyones condition because you don’t know what fight someone is fighting every day, what you cannot see or feel.

More than 7000 people in Croatia and over 2,3 million in the whole world have this condition. Unfortunately it looks alike this is our future, future of young people, women, who are just to be mother and who suffer so much daily. We have to find a way to assimilate them in our community, because they are so capable, intelligent and willing to succeed that we need to help them.”

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