Annika Ramcharan – Ambassador Trinidad Tobago

Annika Ramcharan

Female Wave of Change welcomes Annika Ramcharan as Ambassador Trinidad Tobago

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Annika Ramcharan as our Ambassador on the beautiful islands of Trinidad Tobago. Annika will be taking over this role from Nicole Joseph and will be working closely with Ruth Sinkeler who is our Ambassador for the whole Caribbean. 

Intentional Leadership

Annika Ramcharan was born and raised in the lovely Twin Island Republic called Trinidad and Tobago. She is an experienced personal and leadership development coach, speaker and trainer, certified by John C. Maxwell. She is also the Founder and CEO of Intentional Leadership, a brand synonymous with quality leadership and intentional growth. 

Annika’s journey started at a young age where she filled large shoes at home. What some would consider an unfair experience, turned out to be an experience that channeled her to fulfill her passion for personal growth and helping people. 

Although she was dealt with a series of false starts, it aided her in gaining the necessary experience, as a young woman, to relate to people of different walks of life. 

Before finding her place in established leadership arenas, Annika took on humble posts in various industries, including design and marketing. As an experienced graphic designer, her skills were used to benefit her family’s business, of which she became a managing director. However, that did not limit Annika from seeking possibilities in the field of real estate, of which she formed her own real estate company and also worked with prominent REMAX. 

Annika could be demonstrated as a jack of a few trades but in every position, she noticed a single quality that secured success in all her attempts. That was leadership. 

Live Authentic and Purposeful Lives

As a true leader, she not only equipped and empowered people to live authentic and purposeful lives but also lead from in front when it came to assisting vulnerable persons such as the homeless, high potential children and women.

Her volunteer work ignited an inner flame that keeps growing so she continues in this line of charity and volunteer work, where she finds endless joy. 

Through the excitement of such an endeavor, she was driven towards transformation, which birthed her new career and discovery of her divine calling-Leadership. It was not long before she utilized her experiences and challenges to take the leap of change with world-class mentors and training. 

She now adds value to her clients in their businesses and personal lives through her leadership training and personal development programs. 

Female Wave of Change

“I support Female Wave of Change because I am on a mission to equip and empower as many women as I can; and assist them in tapping into their potential and leading fulfilling lives,  while being their authentic self. Throughout history, women have played important roles that have affected human beings altogether. We have seen how feminine energy and influence can create and destroy.  Considering these facts, it is essential for the modern woman to have a strong support system that encourages growth, facilitates healing and promotes powerful change. Therefore, it is my honor to be part of the Female Wave of Change. Together we shall add value, accomplish great things and continue to build this network.”



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