Dr Celina Piña-Shemo, Circle of Wise Women

DR Celina Pina-Shemo

Female Wave of Change welcomes Dr. Celina Piña-Shemo in the Circle of Wise Women.

Female Wave of Change of very excited to welcome Dr. Celina in the Circle of Wise Women. Dr. Celina is an expert on emotional health and believes it is the key to mental health. Even without the current pandemic, mental health is a huge worldwide challenge. Dr. Celina is based in Massachusetts, USA. We believe the wisdom of Dr Celina is of great value to our global movement and women, families, communities and nations worldwide.

Emotional Health and Trauma

Dr. Celina is the founder and CEO of VGI Mental Health, a 501 C 3, non-profit organization. Dr. Celina is recognized for her distinguished clinical proficiencies, particularly in the area of trauma related to abuse. In 2011, Dr. Celina integrated emotional health into her practice focusing on the impact of traumatic response of abuse triggering emotional complexities. She also created a training curriculum” for enhancing clinician’s skills in the area of emotional health and trauma. Dr. Celina believes that emotional health has been underemphasized in the clinical arena and is the key to understanding the thread to mental health. “It is important that we excrete those challenging emotions in order to optimize emotional freedom and detour from encumbering mental health complexities”

Dr. Celina, “The Ambassador of Emotional Health, will transform your emotional intensities into heart realized symphonic melodies. Dr. Celina has years of experience in emotionally transforming women from across the globe. Women have reclaimed their voice, through the process of unlocking, unveiling and unleashing emotional densities.

Best-Selling Author

Dr. Celina is an international best-selling author of, “Five Keys to Emotional Oneness; The Emotional Detox System” and has several curriculums and workbooks developed from her “Five Key” system. Dr. Celina is the architect of “Healing Hearts Empowering Voices; healing circles” which she has presented in West Africa. She is also the voice for those who suffer in silence with the pains of abuse.

Dr. Celina will help you bridge your passions with your mishaps; engage your weaknesses with your strengths and build heart centered love in pursuance of optimizing emotional freedom and heartfelt consciousness.

Dr. Celina believes that we must understand our “Thread of Life, evolve into our “Inner Culture,” and transform into our intended strengths and greatness in order to “Optimize Emotional Freedom.”

Female Wave of Change

“I support FWoC because of the authenticity and compassion that is devoted to creating change without limitations. FWoC embraces the empowerment and leadership growth of all women where innate gifts are valued and encouraged. The FWoC synergy of empowering voices, strengthening of inner certainty and authenticity through heartfelt and compassionate engagements is what creates change. It is because of these profound visions and wholehearted sensitivities to embrace and value all women that I truly support FWoC.”

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