Wilma de Buck – Circle of Wise Women

Wilma de Buck

Female Wave of Change welcomes Wilma de Buck as a member of the Circle of Wise Women

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Wilma de Buck to our Circle of Wise Women. Wilma lives in the Netherlands and especially her knowledge how to bring people from very different backgrounds together in dialogue sessions, will be of great value for the roll out of The Female Wave of Change Circles of Change.

Positive Change

“With over 60 years life experience and 30 years work experience I work together with many others on positive change, to make the world a better place for all of us, also for less privileged people. I grew up in the country side near the sea, am living since for more than 40 years  in Utrecht, a pleasant green small town in the middle of the Netherlands with a growing number of people from all over the world. A place where you can discover other cultures without the need to traveling far.

Sustainable Impact

I have a professional background in developmental psychology, computerisation, change processes  and appreciative inquiry.I work self employed for companies, in Health Care, Education, Public Sector, and the civil movement from below on positive change in wellbeing, care and living.  At the moment I work as facilitator, trainer, walking coach, organizer, networker and coordinator on more sustainable impact in different local practices and networks.

Open Dialogue

With Utrecht in Dialoog we bring people with different cultural backgrounds and possibilities together to exchange experiences and  dreams and create a better future, making use of the collective knowledge and wisdom from experiences. We train volunteers in open dialogue, based on equality, an open mind and heart and respect for differences.”

Female Wave of Change

“I am very happy to sustain Female wave of Change that brings together female energy from all over the world on an equal and cooperative basis, to bring more wellbeing and meaning in all our lives. My dream is to really appreciate the work done in local practices all over the world and make space for open dialogue as vehicle for positive change. To inspire each other, share  knowledge and wisdom and make the abundance of constructive energy in the world free for caring, sharing and learning in communities and cooperations.”

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