Adriana Meyer – Ambassador Qatar

Adriana Meyer

Female Wave of Change Welcomes Adriana Meyer as our Ambassador in Qatar

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Adriana Meyer as our Ambassador in Qatar. Adriana will be working closely with our team in the MENA region under the leadership of Roula Eid Sawan. 

Women Empowerment

“My journey as an expatriate started in 2008, when I left my life and career in Brazil – my home country to support my husband in pursuing his career abroad. Since then, I have been working with women from all over the world empowering them to learn and grow from their own stories and experiences using coaching as the fundamental tool to enhance their individual journey and careers.

I am very pleased with the invitation to join and collaborate with the ‘Female Wave of Change’ in the role of Ambassador in Qatar, as I believe FWoC – a global movement that unites women changing the world into a better place – will open opportunities for me to get more substantial experience to grow as a person and advance my knowledge. Moreover, living in 4 different countries with diverse nationalities, languages and cultures, has sparked my interest to developed a work with female expatriate entrepreneurs to get the best out of these women in promoting change, since I have a good understanding of the challenges of being an expatriate myself and how to overcome them successfully.

Leaders in Change

As a next move to my career, I would like to contribute effectively with FWoC in Qatar to bring more awareness to the movement and inspire more women to become leaders in change through this great initiative, based on values, compassion and collaboration to create equal opportunities to everyone.

My philosophy is to ‘Encourage women to be the best they can with the internal resources they have’. My core values are defined by my family being my essential pillar of support, guided by my passion for human development and my respect for individual preferences in my social interaction with people. Nonetheless, I trust that we all should adopt an ethical and transparent approach when communicating to people in the various contexts of our lives, being them personal or professional. For that, my qualities and natural strengths are taking a supportive and rational approach, always looking for ways to motivate and develop myself and others and ultimately, being aware of the changes happening around us while creating a positive atmosphere for learning and growth.

For 2020, I aim to work closely with the FWoC community being inspired by their Strategic Plan for the coming year in achieving a better, prosperous and sustainable world, based more on the feminine and human values with the mission of connecting, educating and mentoring feminine leaders to promote positive change to all levels of society.”

Female Wave of Change

“I Support Female Wave of Change because  I believe that if we start promoting change and investing more on our personal education and growth we will be able to develop strategies and expertise in facilitating women’s success through better choices and fruitful interactions, impacting positively the female world with more balance and equality. Yet, I am grateful for the opportunity to work closely with great female Leaders, Ambassadors and Wave Makers to reach out as many women as possible in the Female Wave of Change movement, mission and vision worldwide.”

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