Gabriela Krstevska – Ambassador Macedonia

Gabriela Krstevska

Female Wave of Change welcomes Gabriela Krstevska as Ambassador in Macedonia

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Gabriela Krstevska as our Ambassador in Macedonia. Gabriela will work closely together with our growing team on the Balkan: Marta Berglez (Ambassador Balkan), Tanja Bogataj (Ambassador Slovenia), Saadet Ozdemir (Ambassador Turkey) and Gjurgica Kjeava (Wavemaker Macedonia). Our Global Ambassador Saskia Harkema is supporting this team that is facing a lot of challenges in this area but plans to create those waves of change.


“Over the course of my working career of more than 23 years, around 13 years ago I developed a great deal of interest in personnel management. That’s why I enrolled in a master’s degree in 2007 and earned a master’s degree in Human Resource Management in 2009. My faculty degree is in economic.

In 2010, I participated in the “Modernization of Education Project” in Macedonia, as an accredited trainer of the Education Development Office for the programs “Promoting Teamwork and Teacher Collaboration”.

Later, in 2011, I started my doctoral dissertation entitled “Conditions and Opportunities for organizational transformation of human resources into human capital,” and in 2016, I obtained my doctoral degree and earned a Doctorate in Management. During my post graduating education, I did a lot of research on Human Capital theme.

About my working experience, I have been working as a university professor for the last 2 years, where I lead several courses in management, such as: operational management, management, investment management. My field of expertise beside this courses is in Strategy management and Human resource management, too.


In the meantime, I was responsible for managing and controlling the work and resources of the organization CIVKON AGI. This was a small company that was founded by me and one partner. The company was active in the area of ​​energy efficiency construction. Since my partner is a civil engineer he was responsible for this kind of things, and I for all the financial and administrative issues.

Working in an international environment is not unknown to me, although I worked for the consulting firm “Navreme Knowledge Development” from Vienna Austria as program director in Macedonia for almost 4 years. During my other working experiences, I had almost on daily basis communication with companies from different countries (mainly located in Europe).
Since I am born in Germany, and lived there almost 9 years, I speak the German language. My knowledge level is somewhere between B2 and C1.

About my private life, I live in a common-law partnership for 20 years and we have a son that is 5 years young.”

Female Wave of Change

“I support Female Wave of Change because I am sure that women can do it better than they are doing it today. They have the strength; women are outstanding to fulfill things, they just need the inspiration sparkle to do this. I believe that FWoC can help us to find that sparkle in us, to start using our real capabilities to leave a better world to our children because as in the saying “we do not heritage the world from our forefathers, but we borrow it from our children”. I want to be a part of this wheal of change.”


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