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Poem Regina Huber

Regina Huber - Circle of Wise Women

Regina Huber writes Global Conference Poem

Regina Huber, member Female Wave of Change Circle of Wise Women, writes a poem at the end of the Global Conference in South Africa September 2019. Be inspired and enjoy!

Women, Step into Your Brilliance and Ride the Wave of Change with Us!

Women, where are you? The world is crying out: We need you!!!

Where have you been hiding? – We need all of you!
Why have you been divided? – We need all of you… united!

Show us your power! It’s waiting inside of you to come out.

This power, your power, is going to lead us into a new chapter on this planet Earth.
Your power is in your brilliance, your feminine energy, your love for Nature.
Your power is in your love for all expressions of human diversity, your longing for peace, your compassion, and your passion for making this world a wealthier place for all, a place with freedom and human rights for all, a place where all can thrive… because it’s our birthright.

Men are crying out: Women, where are you? We need you!
We need your strength and your sweetness.
We need you blossoming in your full magic.
We need to see you, to hear you! We need your wisdom and your intuition. We need your emotional intelligence and your leadership!

We need your teachings of holistic healing,… true healing.

Children are crying out: Women, where are you? We need you! We need your care, your love, your compassion.
We need you as role models.
We need you to teach us to consciously co-create, with the Universe and with each other. 

And we need you to help secure our future on this planet.

The creatures on this planet are crying out: Women, where are you? We need you!
Mother Earth is calling on you to help her protect our environment, the Nature we are all a part of.

Women, show us your brilliance! Bring it to the surface! Use it! Shout it out to the world!

Uncover your genius, embrace it, play full out with it! Show us!

Women, tell us what you want to see changed. And then be the change you want to see.

We need you! We need to see you. We need to hear you. Every single one of you!

Come on this ride with us! Jump on the wave! Let’s make some ripples and rock some boats!

The future is female.
It has to be, or there is no future.

© 2019 Regina Huber, Founder & CEO of Transform Your Performance



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