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Khanyisile Motsa – SA Award Recipient

Khanyisile Motsa

Khanyisile Motsa, Recipient South Africa Award at Global Conference 2019

At the Global Female Wave of Change Conference September 2019, the special South Africa Award was presented by Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame to Khanyisile Motsa, Founder Home of Hope.

The Award “Re-Directing Change by Using our Feminine Values and Energy” is an award for a woman in the South African Community who is that Authentic Feminine Leader. It was the South African Community who could nominate candidates and the Female Wave of Change South Africa team who decided that is was Khanyisile Motsa who earned this award for the amazing work she is doing and has been doing for the past 19 years.

Mam Khanyisile Motsa epitomizes the meaning of a hero. A person who is admired for her courage, her outstanding achievements and her noble qualities. A brave person, a champion, a conqueror and a warrior.

This will not happen in my life time!

She is all of these things and more. She is a woman who saw something amiss and did not just look the other way and kept walking. She stopped, questioned and said NO THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN MY LIFE TIME!

Her bravery is beyond description as many people, let alone a woman, would be brave enough to challenge drug dealers and pimps on the streets of Berea. She did it! She put her own fears aside to protect the most vulnerable girls on the street!

Home of Hope

She continues to do this everyday in the Home of Hope. Besides fighting off the criminal elements, dealing with the school system challenges, dealing with poverty, she is responsible for raising 80 girls. Raising one child is challenging enough but imagine having 80 children! She has been doing this for 19 years and reached out to over 10000 children. We have to acknowledge this bravery and commitment and we nominate Mam Khanyi as an ideal recipient of the award!


She is the hero for 80 girls, she is our hero and we can’t think of anyone more deserving of this Global Female wave of Change Award.

Congratulations Mam Khanyi and continue to be the light in the lives of so many girls and young women!




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