Statement and Call to Action Global Conference

Female Wave of Change Publishes Official Statement and Call to Action after Global Conference in SA

The first Global Female Wave of Change Conference held in Johannesburg South Africa on 19 – 20 September 2019, has been a great success (to download the Official Statement and Call to Action on PDF click here).

Reflection of the Spirit and Vision

From the first moment the whole atmosphere reflected the spirit and the vision of Female Wave of Change: almost 150 women from all over the world and from all walks of life coming together as sisters, to work on the global vision to change the world into a more sustainable place for everyone.

“Women Leading to Accelerate Change; Achieving Tangible Results Together” was the central theme that everyone has been working on from the start. Powerful storytelling, inspiring speakers, very active breakout sessions led by great role models. Adding to this electrifying atmosphere was the networking, singing and dancing together.

Create The New

Although everyone was very much aware of the personal and worldwide challenges we are faced with, it was our mission to take off the mantel of guilt, to stop fighting the old and start creating the new: to step into our leadership and create a new mindset of equality, of compassion, of respect, empathy, of courage, bravery, of collaboration and co-creation. There was self-reflection, there was emotion felt and displayed, there was frustration and fear but more importantly there was caring and sharing, there was giving in abundance. We uplifted and took each other by the hand to initiate change that we wish to see!

Reshape The Future 

At the end of the conference, the participants were aware that if we want to create a better, more sustainable world for this generation and for the generations to come, each of us must take responsibility to step into our leadership and be the change. Together we can accelerate and re-direct change by using our feminine values and energy. Collectively we can reshape the future and re-create society.

We are Here to Stay!

Female Wave of Change showed South Africa and the world that we have a message to share and we are here to stay!

Continue on our Path

By the outcome of the Global Conference, Female Wave of Change was confirmed to be on the right track with many of the activities that are already in place and are to be launched soon, including: online and local events, our education programs “Women Leading in Change” and “Reshape the Future”, the Global FWoC Fund and the “FWoC Circles of Change” which makes it possible to reach out to more women in remote areas and in countries where we have to adjust to challenging situations.

Call to Action

In addition to our current plans we are going to focus on:

  1. “Share Her Story”: There is a multitude of stories to be told and shared to connect at a heart to heart level, to inspire and to liberate;
  2. “Tap into our Wisdom”: The collective knowledge, experience and wisdom within the FWoC Circle of Wise Women, Ambassadors and Wavemakers will be wisely shared with the women in the world;
  3. “Together we will go Far”: The power of Ubuntu (“I am because we are”) will be translated into more strategic partnerships with local and global organizations, government, companies and NGO’s whose values are aligned with those of FWoC;
  4. “Global Marketplace of Give and Take”: The support we provide each other by stepping in and offering the things that others need to move forward, will accelerate change.

The Official Statement and Call to Action will be incorporated in the Female Wave of Change Strategic Plan 2020 – 2021. We will need the support of the members of our Global Team and the women worldwide, to really be able to make it happen!


  • Martha Douwma

    Dear women of Accelerating Change,

    Unfortunately I could not join your event.

    But being involved in the little contributions of preperations and following Female Wave of Change online, I felt already the energy coming. And at the time of the Conference itself, it was great to see the updates and video’s coming by.

    Happily now, there is this statement, what will help also women who did not join the Conference. For me it is bringing guide lines too. Thanks for that, it is empowering!

    Kind regards,

  • Gladys Shumbambiri

    Thank you for the official conference statement.It was indeed a great conference which gave me so much energy to pursue my goals.I managed to connect with a lot of women even after the conference.Action is already taking place and am already visualising a bigger picture collaborating and uplifting each other as women.Long live Female Wave of Change

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