Tanja Bogataj – Ambassador Slovenia

Tanja Bogataj

Female Wave of Change welcomes Tanja Bogataj as Ambassador in Slovenia

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Tanja Bogataj  as our Ambassador in Slovenia and the coordinator of expanding FWoC in the Balkan Region. Female Wave of Change Founder Ingun Bol de Bock met Tanja while participating in the Inspired Women Lead Program, founded by our Global Ambassador Bonnie Fatio. To develop FWoC in the region, Tanja will work closely together with our Ambassador First Among Equals Saskia Harkema.

Leadership and Transformation

Tanja Bogataj ( is a Leadership and Transformational Coach and Consultant, Owner and Leader of #bepowerfulandfree, Leader of Empowered2Impact Platform, and a Mentor for a Green and Circular Approach and Smart City Initiatives and Teams.

Her unique approach is based on her background combination of knowledge, skills and experiences. She has more than 15 years of experiences in governmental and public policy sector, more than 10 years of working in top-level leadership positions in public administration (to name a few, she was the Director General for Spatial Planning, Urban Development and Housing, Head of Slovenian Delegation to the Alpine Convention, State Secretary for the Environment, and Green and Circular Economy, and State Secretary for the Public Administration). She is a B.A. of Law, M.Sc. of Management and Organisational Sciences, and M.Sc. of Political Sciences, and daily practices a body-mind-spirit connection techniques.

Empowerment and Leadership

The emphasis in her work is on empowerment and leadership. Tanja is a strong believer in humanity, equality, sustainable approach, and people’s endless potential to learn, improve, and be highly creative.

Be Powerful and Free

She has created a platform for sharing leaders and power stories and lessons ( to spread the message of the importance of each and every one of us individually – and as a community and a society – to be powerful and free to make a difference for ourselves, for people around us, and for the world in general. The platform serves as a medium for learning, inspiration and empowerment.

Female Wave of Change

“I support FWoC because I believe in and share its mission, values and approach. I believe in the endless potential and power of people to learn, improve and create, and in the power of collaboration and the impact we can create together. This inspires and empowers me to give my best and contribute my part to co-create with others the conditions for a well-being and better world for all, and not wait for outside circumstances to change first, or someone else do the job.”

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