Susie Staton – Australia

Susie Staton

Female Wave of Change welcomes Susie Staton as Ambassador Australia.

Female Wave of Change is very excited to grow our team in Austrlia and welcome Susie Staton as our Ambassador in Perth. Susie will be working closely with Mireille Toulekima, our Ambassador First Among Equals in the Australia/New Zealand region and Cynthia Musaplili Wright, also based in Perth.

Mixed background

Susie is born in Australia of mixed parents, Thai mother and Australian father and was moved to Perth Western Australia when she was just two and has lived there most of her life.

Single Father

Her mother left when she was very young, and was brought up by a single father having many financial hardships throughout her childhood. She have always been optimistic though for the future and strove to not let her external circumstances define her.

Do more, Learn more, Experience more

Susie has worked across multiple industries and held numerous roles throughout her career to date. What she believes defines her work however is a consistent drive and desire to do more, learn more, experience more and through that process help others on their journey.

Female Wave of Change

“I support FWoC because of an alignment with my personal mission which is to drive changes in society, through economic empowerment, community engagement and personal growth. I believe through our Female Wave of Change we will make this world a better place”

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