Cynthia Musafili Wright – Australia

Cynthia Musafili Wright

Female Wave of Change welcomes Cynthia Musafili Wright as Ambassador in Australia

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Cynthia Musafili Wright as our Ambassador in Australia. Cynthia is Based in Perth and will work closely together with our Ambassador for the Asia Pacific area Mireille Toulekima and Susie Stanton, Ambassador Australia.


Cynthia is a Social Care Corporate Manager, founder of the social enterprise Regions International and currently the 2019 Australia Day Ambassador. Cynthia is currently a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the TedxPerth Manager of Partnerships. She is also a publisher of various articles on Resilience, Migration, International Education, and Aged Care.


Cynthia is passionate about creating a positive impact in the world by creating leaders. Her success in her Career and Business comes down to her ability to build and maintain partnerships and collaborations; Her success in life is attributed by the connections she creates with others and the extent to which she can give and receive. She has created success in her roles as Clinical Consultant in Corporate Australia, with thirteen years’ experience in the Aged care industry and five years in Management.

Cynthia has also created numerous successful roles for herself: Chief Operating Officer of the Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine with over 13K subscribers; Editor-in-Chief of Australia’s very first African fashion magazine Face of Africa Australia Magazine: and Creative Director in collaboration with numerous well-known Australian fashion photographers, models and modelling agencies.

Cynthia’s leadership is strengthened by her communication and negotiation skills as well as her ability to remain calm under pressure. She manages multiple teams and leads with a focus to motivate and empower by creating more leaders, social change makers and platforms were people can learn and grow.

Social Care

Cynthia’s passion in social care has seen her develop community engagement welfare programs such as Education in the Shoes of a Humanitarian Student. She was also the 2016-2017 Chairperson for the Organisation of Zambians Living in Western Australia (OZALIWA) with 4500 Zambians in WA.

Female Wave of Change

“I Support Female Wave of Change because I believe in women empowerment for global economic development. At some point in my success, it stopped being about me, it became about the women I represent.”


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