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Renee Cummings

Female Wave of Change Welcomes Renée Cummings in the Circle of Wise Women

Female Wave of Change is excited to welcome Renée Cummings in our Circle of Wise Women. Renée’s very special background is a great addition to our Circle and women worldwide will benefit.

Artificial Intelligence

Renée Cummings is a Criminologist and International Criminal Justice Consultant who specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI); ethical AI, implicit bias in AI, diversity and inclusion in AI, algorithmic authenticity, equity and social justice in AI policy.

She’s also a criminal psychologist, therapeutic jurisprudence and rehabilitation specialist, substance abuse therapist, crisis intelligence and communication specialist and journalist.

Ethical and evidence-based crime prevention

Implementing data science solutions to reinvent how we think about criminal offending, policing, public safety and sentencing; enhancing the authenticity and diversity of automation in driving ethical and evidence-based crime prevention solutions are areas of expertise.

Her passion for AI drives her determination to design ethical crime prevention products to reduce homicide and gun violence, improve police effectiveness, efficiency, response times and clearance rates and enhance security, safety and quality of life.

Criminal justice intelligence is what she delivers; assisting governments and organizations in building worldwide links to strengthen crime prevention; incorporating new technologies in designing crime prevention strategies that interlink to reduce vulnerabilities; tailoring more proactive, empirically designed interventions to reduce crime and violence.

A real-time critical criminologist, she’s committed to judicial reform, institutional strengthening and capacity building. She was appointment to Trinidad and Tobago’s first Sentencing Commission to reduce disparity and bring proportionality and transparency to sentencing in the criminal justice system.

Thought-Leader, Motivational Speaker, Mentor

A crisis intelligence strategist and media specialist with a solid background in corporate communication, crisis communication, government relations, public affairs, reputation management and litigation public relations, Ms. Cummings is a sought after thought-leader, motivational speaker and mentor.

Female Wave of Change

“I support FWoC because it allows me to imagine the world I want and provides a supportive space for me to create the requisite strategies to effect change and an international platform from which I can execute those strategies.”

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