Ruth Sinkeler – Suriname

Ruth Sinkeler

Female Wave of Change welcomes Ruth Sinkeler as Ambassador in Suriname

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Ruth Sinkeler as our Ambassador in Suriname a small and beautiful country in the north of South America. From the start of Female Wave of Change Ruth has already contributed in many ways to share her knowledge and experience with the Female Wave of Change global community. In April she contributed to the retreat of our Ambassador Nicole Joseph in St. Lucia, Caribbean.


Ruth Sinkeler (1972) is a serial entrepreneur who started her first company when she was 25 years of age. During the past almost 20 years she has coached, trained and motivated thousands of people and leading them to change. Whether it was in their private or career life.

Author: Sexy Leadership

She is a business leadership expert, trainer, motivational speaker and author of two management books. The method and insights of what she calls Sexy Leadership have been developed by her and are implemented in her work. Her English version of the Sexy Leadership book can be found on Amazon and in Dutch on
She is the founder & CEO of CLIP Training & Consultancy in Suriname and CLIP ltd (Caribbean Leadership Impact Productions) her international company.

Back to her roots

After 32 years of living in the Netherlands, she returned home to Suriname in november 2015 and is working from there throughout the Caribbean since then. Her focus is on Human Development & Change through Leadership, Management & Communication.

She is also founder of the Inspiring Speaking Events in her country and is currently working on empowering the women from the Caribbean one island at a time with her Sexy Leadership Seminars. Next to that she is working on a big three day event for Caribbean women in 2020

Her life motto: Focus, ACT, make your goals STICK and everything will be allright if it is for you!

Female Wave of Change

“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe in balance. To create sustainable change worldwide it is necessary for women to be represented in positions where the decisions are being made. Let’s take our seats at the several tables or better yet create our own!”




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