Wanted: 2 extra Board Members

We are growing and need your Leadership!

Female Wave of Change (FWoC) is a fast-growing foundation, started in the Netherlands early 2017. By now the foundation is active in more than 30 countries across all continents.
FWoC is a global movement that unites women from all walks of life who take responsibility for their own future, the future of the next generations and of the world.


FWoC offers women a safe place to be their authentic selves, to be economically independent and to grow into change makers who shape the world. Together we actively create a more sustainable world based on human values, compassion, collaboration and abundance; a world that celebrates diversity and creates equal opportunities for everyone.

We live our purpose through global online and local events, around themes like Human Rights, Economic Empowerment, Women role models, Health & Wellbeing, Youth etc.

Big Plans

We have recently launched an online leadership program, Women Leading in Change, focused on women who want to make the difference in their environment. This global program will be rolled out locally in countries in the course of 2019.

An Entrepreneurship program is under construction and be launched later in 2019.

Our ambition is to also create a women’s investment fund, to be able to support women entrepreneurs who pitch their sustainable business for Female Wave of Change funding.

Plus on top of it, we are in the process of organizing our first Global Conference in South Africa in September 2019.

Plus 2 Board Members 

Due to the quickly growing organization, we want to expand our current Board with at least 2 other members. We are looking for women with an international scope, experience and background, with a large network to tap into, and who are passionate about our purpose and recognize the need for change!

Specific Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing/Business development/Social media
  • Finance/Legal/Funding (preferably someone from the Netherlands)
  • NGO/Non-for-profit/Social Enterprise 

Managing our growth means a multitude of projects, both within the organization as well as in terms of programs and activities, so all Board members are working hands-on and are able to commit dedicated time to FWoC (time investment: 8+ hours a week). This is a volunteer position!

Female Wave of Change really wants to connect with people who are willing to make FWoC BIG. This takes time and we therefor require commitment from our Board members.

For more information look at our website:
You can mail us at

Or give us a call: Ingun Bol (+31641016242) or Renee van der Burg (+31651423582)

April 2019


  • Johanna wawe Muyenga

    I’m a lady of 35 years from Namibia whose entrepreneur and having an organization for women and youth empowerment, coming cross this it gives me more courage and inspired to participate in this movement. Looking forward for successful future

  • Paballo Makhetha

    Good day

    I have just browsed through this informative and interactive site and want congratulate all the women and men who make it possible.

    I would love to be updated of developments and posts on my email inbox.



    • Heena Shah

      I am Heena Shah a designer from Mumbai .. India and I would love to be a part of this movement as to me change in my Villages means
      Change in Thought
      My foundation Hena Happiness Foundation works for little angels education and healthcare !
      We believe in Moments , Memories and Magic !

    • Hellen Aoko

      I am Kenyan lady with project management background, i have vast experience in coordination and multitasking variious community affairs that improves life globally. I am inspired to join this movement to make change lives.

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