Ihalí Crespo

Ihali Crespo - Ambassador Mexico

Female Wave of Change welcomes Ihalí Crespo as Ambassador Mexico

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Ihalí Crespo as her first Ambassador in Mexico. Since Mexico is a big country with a lot of challenges, we are already in the process to appoint a second ambassador.

With the opening of Mexico and Spain Female Wave of Change will in the very near future offer more information in Spanish. With our Facebook group “Female Wave of Change – Spanish” and our Instagram account “FWoC_sp” we are already taking the first steps.


Ihalí Crespo is a Chemical Engineer graduated with honours by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Born in Mexico City where she has worked for the Oil and Gas Industry for 21 years. She has specialized in Refining and Hydrocarbons logistics optimization and planning processes. Through her professional career, she has built effective and successful work-teams taking into consideration different ages, gender, knowledge, values and skills of each member, at the same time she has developed leadership competencies in a male dominated industry.

Equal chances

Mother of three teenagers (one girl and two boys) she is very sensitive about what we have to do today to get a world with the same opportunities for every human being (male and female)

Female Wave of Change

“I support Female Wave of Change because it is a legitimate movement to empower women all over the world, it is important women realize their own potential and share with others their knowledge and experience in order to build a better place for the next female generations. I also believe not also women but men understanding and contribution to this movement in favour of gender equality can create waves of change around the world”



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