Petra Hoogerwerf

Petra Hoogerwerf - Circle of Wise Women

Female Wave of Change welcomes Petra Hoogerwerf into the Circle of Wise Women

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Petra Hoogerwerf from The Netherlands in the Circle of Wise Women. Petra will contribute to the empowerment of women and the creation of their future as entrepreneurs.


Petra Hoogerwerf works as a serial entrepreneur, (impact) investor, keynote speaker and author on a colorful and sustainable society. She believes in the power of business and collaboration. ‘All the innovative power of the business community is needed to tackle difficult social problems’. Hoogerwerf’s background is diverse as a director of NGO’s, coach, consultant, civil servant and politician. She worked on projects in Indonesia, Kenya and Namibia.


She published five books including ‘Impact and Profit’ and Sparkle! who gained a lot of positive reviews. Currently she is an entrepreneur and owner of Veleda. Petra is an experienced key note speaker and trainer and knows how to stimulate and enthuse the audience with many tips from practice and interaction. Petra is also chairwoman of United Care for Life working on basic income in lower income countries and of Meerkring 21 school in the Netherlands.

Female Wave of Change

“I join Female Wave of Change because I believe in the power of international collaboration. I am inspired by the broad network of women who are different in age, background and education but who have the same ambition. We can work together on world issues like climate change, poverty, clean water and sanitation and gender equality. Together we can find new solutions, ideas and make real impact!”


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