Vanessa Ruiz

Vanessa Ruiz - Ambassador Spain (Barcelona)

Vanessa Ruiz joins Female Wave of Change as Ambassador Spain

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Vanessa Ruiz is our Ambassador in Spain. Vanessa is based in Barcelona and will work closely together with Amparo Lopez, our Ambassador based in Madrid. We have already seen the first waves being created in Spain and cannot wait to see what the future will bring.


Vanessa Ruiz was born in Spain. Being a child she was raised in a big warm family that highlighted the importance of independence and self-confidence of all its members indistinctly of their gender and also she learned to hear her inner instinct.

She graduated in Dentistry from the University of Barcelona and some years later received her Ph.D. from the International University of Catalonia (UIC). She also studied some postgraduate and master programs in dentistry.


To enrich her academic training Vanessa made a series of stays in departments of prestigious universities in the specialty, such as: U. Louisville (Kentucky; USA), U. Tufts (Massachusetts, USA), and U. Bern in Switzerland, where she could specialize in her field and at the same time could train as a teacher of the specialty of postgraduate. Thanks to all this she was accredited as a Professor by the spanish public organization for university professors.

International Speaker

She is a regular speaker in national and international scientific meetings, and lecturer in several universities of Spain and even at New York University and Harvard University, as well as member of the evaluation board of scientific works of this specialty in congresses and presentations of master’s and end-of-degree projects.

Private Practise: Periodontist

The dedication to teaching and research perfectly assembles and in turn is nourished by the dedication to the private practice of the profession as a periodontist in private clinics.

Female Wave of Change

“I joined Female Wave of Change because it’s a unique movement to support women’s brilliant ideas and actions in so many different fields that can have a positive return in our society. It’s also an ideal platform to collaborate with all genders to recover and transmit to new generations the importance of some basic values that seems to be globally forgotten.”


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