Regina Huber

Regina Huber - Circle of Wise Women

Welcome Regina Huber in the Circle of Wise Women

Female Wave of Change is very excited to Welcome Regina Huber in her Circle of Wise Women. Her global mindset, extended network and vision in women leadership makes her a valued contribution to our team!

Leadership Transformation

Regina Huber, Founder and  CEO of Transform Your Performance ( Multicultural Transformational Leadership Coach & Consultant for Inclusive Diversity with extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience on 5 continents and a passion for Diverse Leadership, Co- Creation and Dance. Global Inspirational Speaker and Author of “Speak up, Stand out and Shine” and the white paper “Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Thrive with Maximum Leadership Support.”

Diversity and Inclusion

Regina helps companies leverage their talent and transform their Diversity & Inclusion strategy. With her signature process, Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)TM, Regina focuses on driving fast results for her coaching clients by emphasizing an empowering mindset, their distinctive uniqueness, and a compelling, confident presence, enabling them to accelerate their careers, while making an outstanding contribution to their organizations. She also created a PLT certification for qualified Facilitators. She has worked with clients in Africa, Asia/Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.


Regina speaks 5 languages and has 18 years of international corporate experience, including management positions at The Boston Consulting Group. She has owned businesses in Argentina, Brazil, and the U.S., and translated 12 books.

Regina is a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Skills Practitioner, a Certified Leadership Ambassador at Take The Lead Women and a Member of Speakers Coalition and Women Speakers Association. She serves as Co-Chair of the Financial Women’s Association’s Executive Leaders Committee and as Mentor at Galvanize NYC. She coached at the 2017/2018 Diversity Women’s Business Leadership Conferences. She is Secretary General of Board of Directors/Mentor at UAMDC, Mentor for AFP 2019 Women’s Impact Initiative, and Global Advisor at several other Africa- and U.S.-based projects supporting female advancement and emerging leaders. She was featured on numerous podcasts, radio and TV shows in the U.S., U.K. and Africa, as well as in Forbes, Letlotlo (South Africa), Cameroon Tribune, Goldstreet Business (Ghana), and she wrote articles for Evolve, Inspire, Speakerhub, Take The Lead Women, and Diversity Woman Magazine.

Female Wave of Change 

“I support Female Wave of Change because I believe that when powerful, committed women like the ones in this group come together, they will bring the positive change that’s needed for a world where all can thrive. When we introduce more of the currently underrepresented feminine values into leadership, such as sustainability and social responsibility, the result will be more wealth and freedom for all, and therefore more peace. As we know: When girls and women win, all win. This is a fantastic platform to join forces so together, we can co-create a more inclusive world.”

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